Abe, Trump Talk About N.korea, Iran, Trade

Abe, Trump talk about N.Korea, Iran, trade

The leaders of Japan and the US are continuing talks on a number of pressing matters like North Korea. Afterwards, President Donald Trump is set to meet with the families of Japanese nationals abducted by the North decades ago.
They hope he can help bring their loved ones home.

Earlier, Prime Minister Abe and Trump highlighted the strength of their countries' alliance.

Driven: 2019 Toyota Corolla Zr Hybrid Talks The Talk, Walks The Walk

Driven: 2019 Toyota Corolla ZR Hybrid Talks The Talk, Walks The Walk

I’m in a quandary. Like lots of other petrolheads, I love cars from my childhood – in particular, those from the 1990s and early 2000s. These were perhaps the twilight years of cars with manual transmissions with somewhat iffy safety ratings, rattly rides, and plasticky interiors. Many from the 1990s made do with one or two airbags at best, A- and B-pillars were often thin, visibility was excellent, and things were just much simpler.

Japan, Us Officials Talk Ahead Of Putin-kim Summit

Japan, US officials talk ahead of Putin-Kim summit

Senior officials from Japan and the United States have agreed to closely watch moves leading to North Korea's possible denuclearization ahead of the Russia-North Korea summit.

The Japanese Foreign Ministry's Asian and Oceanian Affairs Bureau chief, Kenji Kanasugi, and US Special Representative for North Korea, Stephen Biegun spoke by phone on Sunday.

Talk With Travelers: Gora Koen Comes Alive At Night With Light, Music Extravaganza

TALK WITH TRAVELERS: Gora Koen comes alive at night with light, music extravaganza

Editor's note: This is part of a series of stories featuring the aesthetic landscapes of Mount Fuji, Hakone in Kanagawa Prefecture and Izu in Shizuoka Prefecture, which have been visited by an increasing number of tourists from overseas. Based on conversations with travelers, the series casts light on sceneries and cultural heritages that gave form to these areas.

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Gaza Artists Give Talk At Yokohama Exhibition

Gaza artists give talk at Yokohama exhibition

Three artists from the Gaza Strip visited a Yokohama art gallery on Tuesday to talk about their work and the difficulties of life in the enclave.

Mohammad Al-Hawaziri said he thought it would be impossible to get out of Gaza and visit Japan. He said he is grateful to many people for taking an interest in his home.

Arashi Talk About Their Hiatus At Press Conference

Arashi talk about their hiatus at press conference

On January 27, Arashi held a press conference regarding their hiatus.

At the beginning, leader Ohno Satoshi greeted, "We made this announcement to our fans earlier. It has been decided that Arashi will take a break after December 31, 2020." When asked by reporters, "What are the details that led to this decision?" Ohno explained with a serious face, "I asked the members to get together in the middle of June in 2017 and told them how I felt. I wanted to temporarily end my activities in Arashi. I told them that I wanted to be active independently, and after discussing it multiple times, we reached the decision to take a break." He continued, "After sharing my feelings, I met with the members individually and listened to their feelings. Then the five of us met many times to talk about it, and finally had people from the agency join in on the discussion. We explained this to the agency in February of 2018, then made the decision in June of 2018.

Abe, Macron Talk Trade And Security

Abe, Macron talk trade and security

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is talking trade, security and North Korea on his 5-day trip to Europe.
In France, he met with President Emmanuel Macron, who agreed to support Japan's strategy for a "free and open Indo-Pacific" region.

Abe said the 2 countries are special partners that share universal values, such as freedom, democracy and the rule of law.

Aston Martin Seeks 'big Brother' Despite First Profit In Years, Ipo Talk

Aston Martin seeks 'big brother' despite first profit in years, IPO talk

Aston Martin just reported that it earned $121 million (or £87 million) in 2017, its first profit in eight years, and it's preparing for a possible initial public offering, eyeing a valuation as high as $6.95 billion (£5 billion). It has a strategy to begin converting its fleet to hybrid and electric powertrains. Nevertheless, the low-volume British luxury marque says it needs a helping hand to survive the wave of autonomous driving technology sweeping the automotive industry.

CEO Andy Palmer tells Bloomberg it's looking for a "big brother" partner to help it with the billions of dollars in capital requirements posed by the dawn of driverless cars.

W-inds. Reveal Pv For 'dirty Talk'

w-inds. reveal PV for 'Dirty Talk'

w-inds. have revealed the PV for their new song "Dirty Talk."

The group's 40th single, produced by Tachibana Keita, will drop in stores on the group's debut anniversary day, March 14. It's a new type of dance music that incorporates the latest sounds and a taste of 1990s new jack swing. In the PV, you can see the members dancing in a pink and girly bedroom. 

Nintendo Not Ready To Talk About Future 'classic' Console Releases

Nintendo Not Ready To Talk About Future 'Classic' Console Releases

Last year Nintendo announced and launched the NES Classic, which was a surprising move by the company and while the idea might have seemed novel, the console proved to be a smashing success. This led to Nintendo releasing another "Classic" console in the form of the SNES Classic, which has since proven to be just as big of a success.

So what does the future hold for other "Classic" releases? Unfortunately it seems that Nintendo isn't quite ready to talk about it yet. Speaking to CNN Tech (via Nintendo Life), Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime was quoted as saying, "We’ll have to do another interview sometime in the future where we can talk about that. But certainly, we recognise that our consumers love all of this great legacy content."

Alexa, Ask Nissanconnect Services To Start My Murano

'Alexa, ask NissanConnect Services to start my Murano' – new skill for Amazon Alexa from Nissan lets customers talk to their car from the comfort of home


NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Don't risk burning what is in the oven; don't dump out your bag in search of a key fob – you can now use your voice to remote-start your Nissan. Available later this month, a new skill for Amazon Alexa (powered by NissanConnectSM Services) will allow some Nissan owners a new way to interact with their vehicles.     

Mazda Refuses To Talk About Mazdaspeeds Future

Mazda Refuses to Talk About Mazdaspeed’s Future

It’s been nearly half a decade since Mazda last offered a Mazdaspeed product.

Not since 2004 and 2005, when 5,142 Mazdaspeed MX-5s were delivered in the United States market, has Mazda’s most obvious performance car been available in a power-up version.

Not since the first-generation Mazda 6’s 2005/2006 Mazdaspeed tenure has Mazda’s midsize sedan been offered in performance guise.

Japan May Talk Before Un Atomic Boycott Talks

Japan may talk before UN atomic boycott talks

Japan is thinking about conveying a discourse at the United Nations in front of converses with draw up a legitimately restricting bargain to boycott atomic weapons.

The arrangements will start on Monday in New York in accordance with a determination received at the UN General Assembly in December.