The Mazda6 Diesel Is Coming, Too, Mazda Promises (again)

The Mazda6 diesel is coming, too, Mazda promises (again)

As we noted our piece earlier today about the CX-5 diesel, we've been waiting for Mazda to bring its Skyactiv-D engines to market for years. Tripped up by an emissions certification nightmare that caused delays and resulted in lackluster power and fuel economy numbers, they're late to the party. In the CX-5 diesel, it's also a questionable proposition at almost $4,000 more than the much more powerful CX-5 Turbo. But today, Mazda's U.S. president confirmed to Autoblog that the diesel engine would make its way into the 6.

Like the CX-5, it'll only be offered with all-wheel drive and only on the top Signature trim level. Unlike the CX-5 diesel, which goes on sale in July, we don't know when the Skyactiv-D-powered 6 will go on sale. But it seems like later this year is a good bet. How much longer can Mazda wait, really, once the CX-5 diesel is on sale?

5 Questions Answered About The 2020 Toyota Highlander

5 questions answered about the 2020 Toyota Highlander

The 2020 Toyota Highlander has debuted at the New York Auto Show, and we've had our first look at what is largely an evolution of this highly successful mid-size, three-row crossover. Although checking it out in person answered some of our questions, we got a chance to interview the Highlander's chief engineer Yoshikazu Saeki about the rest.

Here are five questions we asked and had answered here in New York about the all-new Highlander.

2020 Nissan Sylphy Gives Us A Look Of The New Sentra

2020 Nissan Sylphy gives us a look of the new Sentra

The new Nissan Sylphy has debuted at the Shanghai Motor Show. While the Sylphy name might not mean much to North American Nissan customers, it is highly likely the car will also serve as the new 2020 Nissan Sentra.

The latest iteration updates the Sylphy/Sentra to the current Nissan design language, complete with the C-pillar cut to achieve an illusion of a "floating" roof. The V-shaped, black-framed grille echoes the front end of the Leaf, for instance. Nissan says the new car's drag coefficient is 0.26, interestingly on par with the GT-R; the stance is now wider and the wheelbase longer, and it appears that the model takes a step away from the Versa's likeness towards the bigger Altima. Inside, there is a sporty-looking, driver-centric dash that is a clear improvement from the current car's cockpit, especially enhanced by the caramel-colored leatherette. The seats have a neat quilted pattern on them.

"lupin The Third" Anime Creator Dies

The creator of the popular Japanese anime series "Lupin the Third" has died. The company that produces the series announced that Monkey Punch, whose real name was Kazuhiko Kato, died of pneumonia last Thursday. He was 81.

He was born in northern Japan's Hokkaido Prefecture. After taking evening courses to obtain his high school diploma, he moved to Tokyo.

2020 Toyota Highlander Sticks To The Formula That Has Worked

2020 Toyota Highlander sticks to the formula that has worked

NEW YORK — The 2020 Toyota Highlander may be all-new, but it very much represents an evolution of a tried-and-true formula. Not only was the Highlander one of the first midsize crossovers, launched at time when the Explorers and Blazers of this world were based on truck platforms, but it went on to be one of the best-selling. Since then, each of the succeeding generations has been a bit bigger than its predecessor, which is the case with this new fourth-generation model, based on Toyota's now-ubiquitous TNGA platform and specifically the longer K version used in the Camry, Avalon and RAV4.

However, despite adding 2.36 inches in overall length, all of which has gone into the cargo area, the Highlander remains one of the smaller three-row crossovers. Whereas most new or redesigned segment entries like the 2020 Kia Telluride and 2020 Ford Explorer get attention with big interior numbers, the new Highlander is sticking with what has worked. If customers were demanding the Highlander go jumbo, or were choosing something bigger, you'd better believe Toyota would've made them happy. That it didn't go big should be a strong indication that customers are perfectly OK with a smaller-than-average entry.

2020 Nissan 370z 50th Anniversary Edition Celebrates The 240z

2020 Nissan 370Z 50th Anniversary Edition celebrates the 240Z

Nissan's done a number of special edition and concept remembrances using the Brock Racing Enterprises (BRE) livery. And why shouldn't it, when BRE triumphs in the 1970s with the Dastun 240Z and 510 blew up the English and German SCCA hegemony and established the potential of Japanese sports cars in the U.S. The 2020 Nissan 370Z 50th Anniversary Edition celebrates Nissan unveiling the 240Z at the 1969 New York Auto Show. It does so with an appearance package that recalls the SCCA National Championship years in the #46 BRE 240Z.

The commemorative coupe starts with the Sport trim and comes in either a white base coat with red accents, or a silver coat with black accents. The accent color goes on the hood, trunk, A-pillars, and side mirrors, and an accent stripe runs the length of the coupe to terminate in a triangle just behind the side glass. That triangle is "inspired by the C-pillar of the Datsun 240Z." The package sits on special 19-inch wheels with red accents.

Toyota Brings Out Electric C-hr For The Chinese Market (for Now)

Toyota brings out electric C-HR for the Chinese market (for now)

Toyota has officially unveiled its C-HR-based electric crossovers for the Chinese market. The GAC Toyota-built electric C-HR and the FAW counterpart, IZOA, appeared at the Shanghai Auto Show today. The models are the first fully electric Toyotas for China, and sales begin next year.

No figures have been released for the electric twins, nothing about the attainable range, available power or performance, but more information is sure to be made available later. The C-HR rides on the same TNGA platform as the new Corolla, so the BEV-ization of the Corolla is surely just a matter of time, and it's not unreasonable to expect a global fully electric variant of both the Corolla and C-HR in the near future if the Chinese endeavor is anything to go by. Still, as recently as late 2017, a Toyota executive said that "long range" battery electric cars were not part of the plan because of the time it takes to charge them, but that a new quicker-charging solid state battery was in the works for early next decade.