Nurse In Osaka Told To Work After Testing Positive

Nurse in Osaka told to work after testing positive

Officials in the western Japanese city of Osaka say a hospital there instructed a nurse to continue to work despite testing positive for the coronavirus.

The officials learned of this after someone tweeted the allegation against Osaka's Namihaya Rehabilitation Hospital.

Coronavirus-affected Schools Told To Close

Coronavirus-affected schools told to close

Japan's education minister says the government has asked education boards with reported coronavirus cases to temporarily close schools.

Koichi Hagiuda told reporters on Tuesday that education boards of Hokkaido in northern Japan and Chiba City near Tokyo have been told to take this preventive measure.

Dentsu Told To End Excessive Overtime

Dentsu told to end excessive overtime

Japan's leading advertising agency, Dentsu, says labor authorities have told it to end the excessive overtime worked by some of its employees.

Dentsu officials say the local labor standards inspection office in September told the firm's Tokyo head office to rectify the situation.

Tepco Told To Secure Safety For Foreign Workers

TEPCO told to secure safety for foreign workers

Japan's labor ministry has requested the operator of the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant to carefully manage the safety of foreigners hired for decommissioning work.

Tokyo Electric Power Company, or TEPCO, announced last month that it plans to allow foreigners to work at the facility through Japan's new visa program.

The History Of The Toyota Supra, As Told By Toyota

The history of the Toyota Supra, as told by Toyota

As part of the various spec packs, features lists and releases we received when attending the 2020 Toyota GR Supra press launch, Toyota included a rather in-depth history of the Supra, from the first A40 generation through the legendary, most recent A80. We thought it was pretty interesting, and rather than rewriting and regurgitating the fine work of someone within Toyota's press office, we decided to share an abridged version of it below. So this would be the history of the Toyota Supra as told by Toyota itself, more an autobiography, really, but it's worth a read. Enjoy.

Excerpt from Toyota Supra History News Release:

Gen 1 (A40): The First Supra

Tepco Told To Hear Local Views For Scrapping Plant

TEPCO told to hear local views for scrapping plant

Japan's economy and industry minister has told Tokyo Electric Power Company to take local opinion into account when drawing up a plan to scrap another nuclear power plant in Fukushima Prefecture.

Hiroshige Seko gave the instruction to TEPCO President Tomoaki Kobayakawa on Friday.