Upcoming Sony Rx100 Vii Could Have Af Performance On Par With The Sony A9

Upcoming Sony RX100 VII Could Have AF Performance On Par With The Sony A9

Compact cameras don’t get a lot of love these days because for the most part, the majority of our phones can actually do a pretty good job that in some cases can be better than regular compact cameras. However, as always, there are outliers, and Sony’s RX100 series of compacts are some of them.

The camera is a favorite amongst YouTubers and those who are looking for a small camera that offers up high performance, and it seems that Sony is working on a successor in the form of the Sony RX100 VII. According to a report from Camera Nokishita, they claim that one of the highlight features of the upcoming RX100 VII is that it will feature the “world’s fastest autofocus” for a camera with a 1-inch sensor.

Renders Of The Upcoming Sony Xperia 2 Leaked

Renders Of The Upcoming Sony Xperia 2 Leaked

Earlier this year at MWC 2019, Sony unveiled their flagship smartphone of the year in the form of the Sony Xperia 1. Now, it seems that Sony could already be working on a successor which could be unveiled at IFA which is scheduled to take place this coming September with the handset known as the Xperia 2.

Together with @OnLeaks, the folks at CashKaro have since put together what are alleged renders of the upcoming handset. So far, the renders by OnLeaks have proven to be right in the past, so there is a chance that these renders could be right again, but as always, they’re probably best taken with a grain of salt.

Sony's Upcoming 98-inch 8k Tv Will Cost You $70,000

Sony's Upcoming 98-inch 8K TV Will Cost You $70,000

For those who love staying on the bleeding edge of tech, you might have heard that Sony was working on an 98-inch 8K TV. The good news is that if that TV caught your interest, it seems that Sony has since officially confirmed the pricing of the device where it will cost you an eye-watering $70,000.

Yes, for the price of several cars, you will be able to own the 98-inch Master Series Z9G. If you don’t have the cash for the 98-inch model, not to worry because the pricing for the other Master Series Z9G TVs have also been revealed, such as the 85-inch model which will cost $13,000. The price difference is massive, but this is usually the case when it comes to monitors and TVs where even slight differences in size can mean massive differences in price.

Final Fantasy 15's Upcoming Dlcs Have Been Cancelled

Final Fantasy 15's Upcoming DLCs Have Been Cancelled

As Final Fantasy 15 gamers might have heard, Square Enix was planning on releasing several character-specific DLCs that would focus on each of the characters in the game. Unfortunately in a somewhat sudden announcement, the company has announced that they have cancelled three out of four of the upcoming DLCs that were meant to be launched.

In case you’re learning about this for the first time, Square Enix was planning on releasing four character themed DLCs with Ardyn, Aranea, Lunafreya, and Noctis. Unfortunately save for Ardyn, the rest of the DLCs have been cancelled as this follows Hajime Tabata, who was the game’s director, leaving Square Enix.

Abe: Upcoming Summit With Putin Very Important

Abe: Upcoming summit with Putin very important

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says his upcoming summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin will be crucial in improving bilateral relations.

Abe was speaking at a debate sponsored by the Japan National Press Club on Friday. He referred to Putin's proposal made on Wednesday for the 2 countries to sign a bilateral peace agreement before year-end without preconditions.

Sony Will Have A 'serious' Answer To Nikon & Canon's Upcoming Mirrorless Cameras

Sony Will Have A 'Serious' Answer To Nikon & Canon's Upcoming Mirrorless Cameras

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It is safe to say that for the longest time ever, Sony has been hugely successful with their mirrorless cameras. They were the first to launch a full-frame mirrorless camera which has sat very well with professionals, so much so that there are more than a few who have since dumped their DSLRs in favor of these full-frame mirrorless cameras.

Nikon Continues To Tease Upcoming Mirrorless Camera

NIkon Continues To Tease Upcoming Mirrorless Camera

Come 23rd of August, Nikon will be officially unveiling their new mirrorless camera. Not much is known about the camera save for rumors, but the company has been slowly teasing its reveal. Now Nikon is back with yet another teaser that has been simply titled "Mount", leading to speculation that the upcoming camera could be utilizing a new lens mount.

For those who have been following the rumors of the Nikon mirrorless camera, one of the rumored features is that Nikon could introduce a new Z-mount for the camera. While Nikon does not come outright and say it, the whole focus of the video seems to about the current F-mount and the evolution over the years, which Nikon seems to hint could be due for a change.

Mr.children To Release New Album + Perform In Taiwan For Upcoming Tour

Mr.Children to release new album + perform in Taiwan for upcoming tour

Mr.Children will release a new album (currently untitled) and a lyric book, titled "Your Song," on October 3. In addition, they will hold an arena tour which will include a show in Taiwan.

It's been over three years since Mr.Children released their last album "REFLECTION" in June of 2015. The title, track list, and other details on the new album will be unveiled in the near future.

Nikon Teases Upcoming Mirrorless Camera

Nikon Teases Upcoming Mirrorless Camera

Photographers have probably heard that Nikon is working on new mirrorless cameras, and for those who are interested in seeing what the company has to offer, it appears that the company has posted a teaser video on YouTube in which many speculate could be about its upcoming mirrorless offerings.

Dubbed "Travel of Light", the description of the video reads, "Countless rays of light come together, forming an image at the end of their long journey. Nikon’s ongoing mission heading into the future: to guide light into forming superb pictures." The video does not specifically mention mirrorless cameras, but the silhouette at the end of the video certainly leaves little to the imagination.

Kuraki Mai To Stop In 4 Cities For Upcoming Tour

Kuraki Mai to stop in 4 cities for upcoming tour

Kuraki Mai will hold a live tour called 'Mai Kuraki Live Project 2018: Red it be ~Kimi Omofu Sun Ka Shuu Tou~' from October to November. 

For the upcoming tour, Kuraki is scheduled to make stops in Chiba, Osaka, Tokyo, and Aichi. Ticket pre-reservations will be available via her official fan club site 'Mai-K.net.'