Canon Patents A Gimbal With An Interchangeable Lens System

Canon Patents A Gimbal With An Interchangeable Lens System

There are many gimbals in the market today, and for the most part, they’re sold separately from the camera. This means that you would need to own a camera to really take advantage of it. However, DJI did try to create an all-in-one solution with the Osmo Pocket, and it looks like Canon wants to do something similar as well.

According to a report from Canon News, they have discovered a patent filed by Canon that revealed that the company could be working on a gimbal with a built-in camera. However, Canon isn’t just looking to make a Osmo Pocket copycat, but rather it seems that the company wants to take things further by introducing an interchangeable lens system to the game.

This means that the gimbal should in theory be able to support a variety of lenses such as prime lenses, zoom lenses, wide-angle lenses, and so on. However, given that different lenses have different weights, we’re not sure how Canon plans to remedy that since a heavier lens could affect the gimbal’s stability.

That being said, this is only a patent which means that we have no guarantee that this is something Canon will bring to the market for sure, so try not to get your hopes up just yet.

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