Nintendo Rolls Out A Hospital - Friendly Console

Nintendo Rolls Out A Hospital-Friendly Console

For those unfamiliar, the Starlight Nintendo console was actually rolled out back in 2019 where it was initially available at the Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital in Tacoma, Washington, but now it seems that Nintendo will be expanding on its availability to more locations around the US.

This isn’t a new console per se, but rather it’s based on the Nintendo Switch, with some slight modifications to help make them easier to move around a hospital setting and go from room to room.

According to Nintendo, “As our newest addition to Starlight Gaming, each station comes preloaded with more than 25 games from Super Mario Party to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Specifically manufactured to meet strict infection safety protocols, Gaming stations can roll anywhere in the hospital and keep kids entertained and distracted, which is especially important with many playrooms closed due to COVID-19.” //ref=""; var ref = document.referrer; if (ref) { if (ref.match(/^https?:\/\/([^\/]+\.)?smartnews\.com(\/|$)/i)) { document.write("Add us to Smartnews: open this link Add to Smartnews and open the app. That's it!"); } if (ref.match(/^https?:\/\/([^\/]+\.)?\.com(\/|$)/i)) { document.write("Follow Ubergizmo on Google News: go to our Google News page and click 'Follow'. That's it!"); } }

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