Ghosn Claims He Organized Escape Plan Alone

Ghosn claims he organized escape plan alone

Former Nissan Motor chairman Carlos Ghosn has again criticized Japan's justice system as unfair.

Ghosn spoke to NHK and other Japanese media in the Lebanese capital Beirut on Friday, reiterating what he said at a news conference on Wednesday.

Concerning his plan to escape Japan, he said that he had organized the plan by himself to prevent any leak.

But he declined to explain how he got out of Japan, saying he will not reveal it to anybody.

Ghosn cited as a reason why he fled Japan that there was no possibility of him getting a fair trial there.

Justice Ministry officials in Japan condemned Ghosn for presenting what they called a mistaken view of Japan's legal system.

They said that his statement was aimed at justifying his escape, and that can never be overlooked.