Dream Ami & Handa Yuto Tie The Knot

Dream Ami & Handa Yuto tie the knot

Dream Ami and architect Handa Yuto, better known as 'Han-san' from the popular reality show 'TERRACE HOUSE BOYS & GIRLS IN THE CITY,' have tied the knot on February 22. 

Dream Ami and Handa met through a mutual acquaintance and started dating three years ago. They decided to get married on February 22 because they want to be "a couple that goes 'fufufu' (onomatopoeia for laughing) when laughing." On 'E.G.family mobile,' Ami wrote, "He has a lot of knowledge and experience, and I can't believe we are the same age. He is like a teacher who teaches me many things. Also, he makes me laugh everyday with his humorous behavior."

Ami is not pregnant, and there are currently no plans for a wedding.