Kunimasu Trout Goes On Display

KunimasuOne of the fish that helped prove the long-lost species of kunimasu trout still exists went on display Saturday as part of a local festival in Fuji-Kawaguchikomachi, Yamanashi Prefecture.

The specimen put on display at Saiko Wild Birds' Forest Park as part of a juhyo (frost-covered tree) festival in Fuji-Kawaguchikomachi is a male kunimasu trout about 26 to 27 centimeters long.

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Woman Arrested In Sumo Gamble

Woman arrested in sumo gambleA woman arrested on suspicion of helping run an illegal baseball gambling operation together with former sumo wrestlers says that she did so because of massive debts related at least in part to the business of one of her sons, metropolitan police say.

Yoneko Furuichi, 63, was reportedly approached by another of her sons, 34-year-old former sumo wrestler Sadahide Furuichi, asking for her help in setting up a gambling operation.

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Universities Use Mascot Goods

Universities mascot goodsUniversities are turning out more and more original products to help boost their brand recognition, the latest trend being so-called character goods featuring school mascots and famous faculty.

Their efforts appear to be paying off, with the goods popular among current students and those wanting to enroll in the future .

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10th Memorial Train Tragedy

10th memorial train tragedyA decade after a South Korean student in his 20s was killed by a train while trying to rescue a stranger who fell off the platform at a station in Tokyo, the parents of the brave youngster attended a Jan. 26 memorial ceremony.

On Jan. 26, 2001, Lee Su-hyon, 26, a student at a Japanese language school in Tokyo, and Shiro Sekine, 47, a Japanese photographer, jumped off the platform at JR Shin-Okubo Station in an attempt to rescue a drunken man who fell onto the tracks.

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Gov Airplanes Future Questions

Japan Airfoce OneThe future of government airplanes -- used for ferrying top government officials overseas or evacuating Japanese living abroad in emergencies -- has become uncertain as Japan Airlines (JAL) is set to drop maintenance support for the current model and critics call the planes a waste of money.

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Oita City To Reintroduce Wolves

Japan grey wolfThe municipal government in this city is planning to introduce wolves into local mountains in an attempt to control wild animals that destroy agricultural crops.

However, there are concerns that introducing the creature, which went extinct in the wild in Japan many years ago, may damage the local ecosystem and possibly violate the national animal law.

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Solar Power Generation Booms

Solar Power PlantSolar power or photovoltaic power generation is on the rise, with solar power plants being constructed one after another across the nation.

The move comes ahead of a recent announcement by the Economy, Trade and Industry Ministry that it will submit a bill at the next ordinary Diet session to rollout a comprehensive renewable energy purchase system in fiscal 2012.

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Solar Plants Under Construction

Japan Solar systemConstruction is under way on two solar power plants in Kawasaki that will cover seven times the area of Tokyo Dome.

The solar plants, being built on a combined 34 hectares in Ukishima and Ogishima, are part of the Mega Solar Power Generation Project carried out jointly by the city of Kawasaki and the Tokyo Electric Power Co.

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Jal Revives Crane Logo In April

JAL Crane LogoJapan Airlines Corp. will revive its traditional red crane logo in April, JAL officials said Monday.

The airline wants to use the logo to symbolize its business rehabilitation efforts, they said. The red crane logo, adopted in the 1950s, was gradually phased out by new liveries and disappeared in 2008.

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Softbank 55 Bil. Yen Bonds Sale

Tokyo Shiodome Building Softbank Corp., Japan’s third- biggest wireless carrier, started marketing a sale of about 55 billion yen ($663 million) of bonds, according to a person with direct knowledge of the transaction.

The carrier plans to price at least 35 billion yen of five- year bonds to yield between 37 basis points and 40 basis points more than the yen swap rate, said the person, asking not to be identified as the information is private.

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'praying' Seal At Kobe Marine Park

'Praying' seal at Kobe marine parkAt Suma Aqualife Park in the Hyogo Prefecture city of Kobe, a 15-year-old female spotted seal is charming visitors with a pose that fans say makes him look like she's praying.

The seal left her old home at Minami-Chita Beach Land last May to join the marine park in Kobe. There, a trainer noticed that when the newcomer was put on her back during a health check-up, she had a habit of bringing her front flippers together.

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No. Of New Flu Patients Surging

Flu protection in JapanJapan’s authorities are warning of an outbreak of the new H1N1 strain of influenza in the country, with the number of patients surging since the onset of New Year.

The National Institute of Infectious Diseases suggested that those in their 20s, 30s and 40s as well as infants aged less than 5 get vaccinated early, as the number of new flu patients in these age groups was relatively small in last season.

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Jcg Last Ys11 Aircraft In Service

japan Coast Guard YS11 The last YS11 passenger aircraft in Japan Coast Guard service, dubbed "Blue 11," was officially retired at a ceremony at Tokyo's Haneda Air Base on Jan. 13 after 42 years in service.

The YS11, Japan's first domestically produced post-war aircraft, stopped flying on fixed air routes in 2006, but remained in service with the coast guard and Self-Defense Forces.

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No. Of Crimes Decreases

Japanese officerThe number of criminal cases reported to or detected by police in Japan in 2010 totaled 1,585,951, down 6.9 percent from 2009, dropping for the eighth straight year and falling below the 1.6 million mark for the first time in 23 years, the National Police Agency said in a preliminary report Thursday.

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