Ex - Tokio Member Arrested For Drunk Driving

Ex-TOKIO member arrested for drunk driving

Police in Tokyo have arrested a former member of the popular Japanese male pop group TOKIO for allegedly riding a motorcycle while under the influence of alcohol.

The police say they arrested 48-year-old Yamaguchi Tatsuya on Tuesday after he hit a car waiting at a traffic light. An amount of alcohol nearly five times the legal limit was detected in his breath when they were called to the scene.

Neither the driver of the car nor Yamaguchi were injured.

Investigative sources say Yamaguchi told them he was on his way to a friend's house, and admitted to riding a motorbike under the influence and causing the accident.

Yamaguchi was fired by his agency in May 2018 for molesting a high school girl he invited to his house.

He told a news conference at the time that he had been drunk and his lack of self-discipline had led to the incident.