Govt. Postpones Basic Policy On Casino Resorts

Govt. postpones basic policy on casino resorts

The Japanese government has decided to postpone a decision on the basic policy for the development of integrated resorts including casinos following a bribery scandal.

The government drafted a basic policy, which includes criteria for selecting areas where the resorts will be built, in September. It was planning to officially approve the policy by the end of January.

But opposition parties submitted a bill to the Diet on Monday, seeking to repeal the law on integrated resorts. They have expressed their intent to pursue bribery allegations involving lawmakers.

The government will proceed carefully and will discuss rules on contact between casino operators and members of a government committee that will screen business applications.

After the government approves the basic policy, it plans to start accepting applications from municipalities that want to host resorts in January 2021.

A government source has said that this schedule will not be affected even if the decision on basic policy is postponed.