Ioc Says Japan Will Shoulder Extra Games Costs

IOC says Japan will shoulder extra Games costs

The International Olympic Committee has hinted that it will ask Japan to bear most of the additional costs related to the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Games have been rescheduled to begin on July 23 next year. They were originally scheduled for this summer. The postponement is thought likely to add several billion dollars to the final bill for hosting the Olympics.

The IOC released a statement on Monday in a question-and-answer post on its website. It said Japan's Prime Minister Abe Shinzo has, "agreed that Japan will continue to cover the costs it would have done under the terms of the existing agreement for 2020, and the IOC will continue to be responsible for its share of the costs."

The IOC also said the additional costs it expects to share will come to several hundred million dollars.

Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga Yoshihide told reporters that it is not factual to say the government has agreed with the IOC on the extra costs.

He said his understanding is that the IOC and Japan's organizing committee confirmed at a video conference last Thursday that the impact of the postponement, including the additional costs, is a shared concern. He said he believes that both sides have agreed to jointly continue assessing and discussing the matter.