Japan Considers Easing Restrictions On Executives

Japan considers easing restrictions on executives

Sources tell NHK that Japan's government is considering allowing corporate executives from the United States and European countries to enter the country on certain conditions.

The government plans to allow in businesspeople from countries where coronavirus outbreaks have been largely contained.

Tokyo has already reached an agreement with Vietnam and aims to start negotiation with 10 other locations. These include China, South Korea and Taiwan.

Japan is also studying a plan to welcome corporate executives from the United States and European countries, where new cases are still appearing.

If allowed, it will likely be in small numbers and short periods of stay, after undergoing PCR tests for the coronavirus. Some government officials are calling for the executives to come to Japan by private jet.

Japan plans to beef up its testing capacities at airports to the point where around 10,000 people can be tested daily by September.

The government is also studying ways to ease entry restrictions on athletes and officials for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, which have been rescheduled for 2021.