Japan To Promote Teleworking At Resorts

Japan to promote teleworking at resorts

The Japanese government says it will begin encouraging people to work and enjoy a vacation at the same time, a concept known as "workation," to support tourism amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga Yoshihide spoke on Monday at a meeting of government officials to discuss tourism strategy.

Suga said Japan's tourism industry has been struggling because of the virus.

He said he hopes the industry will benefit from the "Go To Travel" campaign under which the government helps cover costs for hotels and inns that are taking steps to prevent the spread of infections.

He said the aim of the campaign is to promote the government's plan to contain the virus and resume economic activities at the same time.

He also said the government will take measures to promote the new work and vacation style of "workation," or teleworking at resorts such as in hot spring areas.

One measure involves the government assisting hotels install Wi-Fi access so that companies can use the facilities as satellite offices.

Suga added that the government will also advance preparations for accepting wealthy foreign tourists, such as by inviting more high-end hotels, by the time inbound tourism revives.