Japan To Request Self - Isolation For All Visitors

Japan to request self-isolation for all visitors

Japan's government has decided to ask all travelers entering the country to self-quarantine for two weeks, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The government made the decision at a coronavirus taskforce meeting on Wednesday.

Travelers from overseas, including Japanese citizens, are to be asked to stay at homes or hotels during the self-isolation period and refrain from using public transport to get to those places.

The measure is to be in place from Friday to the end of April.

The government also plans to expand an entry ban on foreign visitors to cover a total of 73 countries and territories.

The ban is to now include the United States and Canada as well Britain and Greece, to cover most of Europe.

The list also includes seven Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand and Indonesia, as well as remaining parts of China and South Korea.

Some countries in Africa, Latin America and the Middle East are also to be added to the ban.