Monkeys Cool Off With Icy Fruits At Fukui Zoo

Monkeys cool off with icy fruits at Fukui zoo

Monkeys at a zoo in Fukui City, along the Sea of Japan, beat the sweltering heat on Monday with fruits frozen in ice.

The small zoo in Asuwayama Park provides the frozen treats to its monkeys every summer.

On Monday, zookeepers prepared a 50-centimeter-tall piece of ice filled with six kinds of fruit, such as watermelon, apples and bananas. A selection of frozen fruits was also placed inside the monkey cage.

About 20 monkeys were seen cooling off with their treats.

One of them sitting on top of a block of ice was trying to dig the fruit out of the ice. The scene was a visual feast for the many families visiting the zoo.

Children were invited to offer frozen fruits to the animals with a bamboo stick.

A delighted boy said it looked like the monkeys were cooled by eating the ice.