More Coronavirus Infections Confirmed In Japan

More coronavirus infections confirmed in Japan

Japan has reported 28 more coronavirus infections as of Tuesday afternoon, bringing the total number to 2,015. It includes 14 people who returned from China's Hubei Province on chartered flights.

When 712 cases from the Diamond Princess cruise ship are included, the total stands at 2,727.

The figure was provided by the health ministry and local governments.

The figure also includes 61 cases among health ministry officials, quarantine officers and those who were found to have the virus during arrival checks at airports.

By prefecture, there are 443 cases in Tokyo, 216 in Osaka, 176 in Hokkaido, 170 in Aichi, 165 in Chiba and 137 in Hyogo.

The health ministry says 70 people have died, including 11 who were on the cruise ship.

It says that another 70 people, including 11 from the Diamond Princess, were in serious condition as of Monday.

A total of 1,027 people, including 424 who were infected in Japan and 603 from the cruise ship, had recovered and left hospital as of Monday.