New Support Center Opens In Tokyo For Foreigners

New support center opens in Tokyo for foreigners

As the number of foreign workers in Japan increases, so does the amount of support they need to adjust, especially amid the coronavirus pandemic. And on Monday, the government opened a new consultation center aimed at providing a variety of resources under one roof.

The Foreign Residents Support Center brings together eight organizations including the Immigration Services Agency, the legal support center, and the employment security office.

Previously, these agencies were spread across the city, making it difficult for newcomers to access them.

Staff are able to provide help in 11 languages. The center's director says there's increasing demand amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Hirashima Masakuni says, "I believe there are many foreigners here who have anxiety right now. It's crucial they get coronavirus-related information in a timely manner. The ministries here are providing it in multiple languages."

Students from Sri Lanka and Myanmar were among the first to visit the center on Monday.

A female Sri Lankan student says, "I'm here to look for a job because I'm finishing school next year."

A male student from Myanmar says, "I came here to have my resume reviewed. I do not have confidence in my writing and I want help fixing it."

The center also provides information to local governments and companies and helps connect them with foreign workers.