No Parties Held At Cherry Blossom Viewing Spot

No parties held at cherry blossom viewing spot

People have been enjoying walking beneath cherry blossoms at a popular viewing spot in Tokyo on Saturday, but there are no gatherings this year due to the new coronavirus threat.

Ueno Park attracts more than 3 million people to admire the cherry blossoms in a normal year.

However, an annual festival was cancelled this year, and people have been asked to refrain from holding parties under the trees.

A man who lives near the park says many foreign tourists usually come to the park during the season, but there seem to be very few this year.

He said people can have more time to view the blossoms this year, but that it's also a bit sad.

A woman who came to view blossoms with her friends says she is glad she can quietly enjoy them because she does not drink, although she imagines it would be fun to view the flowers while having a party.