Prayers For Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Victims

Prayers for Nagasaki atomic bomb victims

Hopes for peace have been shared in Nagasaki. People are holding various events to remember what happened 75 years ago.

Near the Peace Park, a mass to remember those who perished began at 6 a.m. More than 200 people attended.

The mass took place at Urakami Cathedral, which is located 500 meters away from ground zero. The church was destroyed, then rebuilt after World War Two.

About 8,500 Catholics who lived nearby were killed by the blast and subsequent fires. Attendees shared their wishes for the future.

A 72-year old man who is a child of an atomic bomb survivor said, "I hope it will become a peaceful world. I want the atomic bomb and nuclear weapons to be abolished."

At ground zero, around fifty high school students formed a human chain. The coronavirus meant they had to use ribbons instead of holding hands.

A high school student said, "As atomic bomb survivors get older, I think it's really up to us, the younger generation, to create a peaceful future."

People are praying for the victims and sending messages of hope and determination to the world "to make Nagasaki the last atomic-bombed city."