Pro Wrestlers Perform On A Train

Pro wrestlers perform on a train

Five professional wrestlers put on a show in a two-car train in northern Japan on Saturday.

Passengers cheered as the wrestlers ran around the train, jumping from seats to take down their opponents.

The performance started three years ago to support reconstruction of the JR Tadami Line linking Niigata and Fukushima prefectures. Service on the Fukushima side remains partially suspended due to heavy rains that hit the region in 2011.

The event went ahead this year to cheer people up, despite the pandemic.

The passengers had their temperatures checked, and were asked to sterilize their hands and wear face masks.

Some wore masks resembling those worn by masked wrestlers.

A woman said she was excited to see the performance up close, and that it helped her to release stress.

Meguro Koji, head of the executive committee overseeing the event, says it concluded that the event could go ahead with appropriate measures to prevent infections.

He said the most important message is to never give up, and to fight back against the pandemic.