Ryukyu Vibe Returns To Shuri Castle

Ryukyu vibe returns to Shuri Castle

The southern Japanese prefecture of Okinawa got a colorful blast from the past on Tuesday, when a Ryukyu dynasty parade was held in Naha City.

The event typically takes place every November 3, which is Japan's Culture Day. However, it was canceled in 2019 due to a fire at Shuri Castle, and also in 2018 due to heavy rains.

The parade includes people dressed as the royals of the Ryukyu dynasty, and recreates their New Year visit to a temple to pray for peace and a good harvest.

The king and queen, who wore bright red costumes, made their way across the site of Shuri Castle for about 40 minutes.

This year's event was significantly scaled down due to the coronavirus outbreak. The parade featured 20 people, or just one tenth of what it normally would. The procession also avoided the streets around the castle to prevent crowds.

A woman in her 30s said there was a sense of sadness this year because of last year's fire. But she also says she was happy to see the atmosphere brightening up.