Staying Home May Worsen Drinking Problems

Staying home may worsen drinking problems

An emergency seminar has been held online to help cope with alcohol addiction, as people are urged to stay home in an effort to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

The Japan-based group called "Oneness Group" is working to help people recover from alcohol addiction.

It said that it received 58 requests for advice about drinking problems in April, which is double the number it normally receives in a month.

They vary from "I am drinking more as I was told to stay home and have nothing to do" to "my husband becomes violent after drinking."

The group decided to give the seminar for alcoholics and their families, as the Japan's weeklong spring holiday may aggravate addiction problems.

In the seminar on Saturday, it was explained that alcoholics tend to think only about their yearning for alcohol and physical discomfort and family members tend to be frustrated, anxious and isolated from society.

Alcoholics and their family were urged to seek help before they are overcome by their problems.

Co-President of the group Miyake Takayuki said that they receive an increasing number of calls about addicted people who began drinking again without seeking help for their problems.

He said that the group hopes to provide help as much as possible online and through other means.