Suga: Outbreak Doesn't Need Emergency Declaration

Suga: Outbreak doesn't need emergency declaration

Japan's top government spokesperson says the coronavirus outbreak is continuing to expand across the country, but the situation does not require the government to declare a state of emergency again.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga Yoshihide told reporters on Friday that the expansion is seen as slower than in March and April, but it remains worrisome. He said recently the spread of infection is picking up speed in some parts of Japan, and the number of serious cases has gradually been on the rise.

Suga said the government does not believe it is necessary to declare a state of emergency for the time being. He said, however, that it will seek expert views and keep working to balance infection prevention and maintaining social and economic activities.

Asked about whether the current situation can be termed a second wave, Suga said the government has no clear definition of the term. He said that regardless of the term, the government will fully brace for upcoming waves of infection.