Third Group Of Passengers Leave Cruise Ship

Third group of passengers leave cruise ship

A third group of passengers are disembarking from the coronavirus-hit Diamond Princess cruise ship near Tokyo.

More than 700 people have left the ship since their two-week quarantine period ended on Wednesday. Officials hope to see off another 450 passengers by the end of Friday.

One passenger said he just wanted to sit around and take a bath for now.

Another man said he would stay at home without going out for a while.

Only those without symptoms and who have tested negative for the virus will be allowed to leave the ship.

Two Diamond Princess passengers died and more than 600 others have contracted the virus.

Anyone who shared a cabin with an infected passenger is being asked to stay at a government-provided facility for another 14 days after leaving the ship, even if they have tested negative.

Officials will also ask those who have returned home to keep an eye on their health for two weeks, and avoid going out unless absolutely necessary.

A Canadian chartered plane left Japan on Friday with passengers from the Diamond Princess. More than 250 Canadians were on board the vessel. Around 50 who reportedly tested positive for the virus will remain in Japanese hospitals.

Australian health authorities say two evacuees tested positive for the coronavirus after arriving at a quarantine facility in northern Australia. Both are in stable condition.

Four other people among the 164 Australians who boarded the government-chartered plane had also shown symptoms and were tested. But they were not found to have the virus.