The Elder Scrolls: Blades Early Access Now Live On Android

The Elder Scrolls: Blades Early Access Now Live On Android

Back in 2018, Bethesda announced The Elder Scrolls: Blades. For those who missed the announcement, this is basically a mobile version of the Elder Scrolls franchise which would be playable on iOS and Android. The bad news is that instead of launching in 2018, it was delayed to 2019.

The game has yet to be launched, but as Bethesda had previously promised, early access would be coming, and sure enough it has. According to a report from Android Police, it appears that early access for the Android version of the game has gone live where players living in the US and Canada will have no issues accessing it.

Govt. To Access Home Devices In Security Survey

Govt. to access home devices in security survey

Japan will attempt to access Internet-connected devices in homes and offices to find their vulnerabilities. The first-of-its-kind survey is aimed at beefing up cyber-security.

The government approved the survey on Friday. It will be carried out by the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology.

Island In Western Japan Has No Water, Road Access

Island in western Japan has no water, road access

An island in western Japan has no water or road access after a pipe and cables on the bridge connecting the town to the mainland were severed.

A Malta-registered cargo ship is believed to have collided with the bridge early Monday morning.

Barrier-free Access Eyed For Athletic Center

Barrier-free access eyed for athletic center

The Japanese government will compile a plan by the end of this year for making the areas surrounding a Tokyo training facility for top-level athletes barrier-free. The move is designed to help prospective Paralympians.

New training facilities for athletes aiming to compete in the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games are being built at the National Training Center. They will be completed next year.

Panel To Discuss Protecting Airport Access Bridge

Panel to discuss protecting airport access bridge

The Japan Coast Guard says it will set up a panel of experts to discuss ways to prevent vessels from hitting an access bridge for Kansai Airport, which is built on an island in Osaka Prefecture, western Japan.

Early last month, a tanker anchored 2 kilometers off the airport was set adrift by a typhoon and damaged the road and rail bridge, isolating the airport.

Samsung Users Will Get Advanced Access To Fortnite's Android Beta

Samsung Users Will Get Advanced Access To Fortnite's Android Beta

We have been hearing rumors for a while that Epic’s Fortnite for Android could be launched as a temporary exclusive for Samsung devices. It turns out that is partially correct because in an announcement by Samsung, it seems that Galaxy users can now get their hands on the beta version of the game ahead of everyone else.

According to Samsung, this is applicable to those who own either the Galaxy Note9, Galaxy S9/+, Galaxy Note8, Galaxy S8/+, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy Tab S4, or the Galaxy Tab S3. The beta will be available starting today, the 9th of August, and the app can be found via the Samsung Game Launcher.

How To Access Files On Android

How To Access Files On Android

Looking for files on Android can occasionally become a very frustrating process. Whether it is an mp3 file that just won’t show up on your music app or a downloaded image that you cannot find on the phone’s gallery app, navigating through Android’s file jungle is a tricky business. In this tutorial we are going to be taking a look at two very simple ways of exploring files on your Android device.

The overwhelming majority of phone makers, if not all, offer their very own file managing app on their devices. While the name of the app might vary – File Manager, File Explorer etc. -, the core functionality between all file managing apps remains the same.

Android P May Not Let Idle Apps Access Your Phone's Camera

Android P May Not Let Idle Apps Access Your Phone’s Camera

The next major Android platform update is currently referred to as “Android P” since the dessert name hasn’t been revealed as yet, Google hasn’t even detailed Android P officially but that could happen in the not too distant future. However, given the open source nature of Android, some hints about the features this version of Android will offer have surfaced. The latest suggests that Android P will improve security by not allowing idle apps to access your device’s camera.

An Android Open Source Project commit has been spotted with the new rule-sets in Android P preventing apps idling in the background from accessing the camera. This will prevent malicious apps running in the background from making use of the camera to capture victims in a compromising position by accessing the camera without their knowledge.

Nissan Offers Unprecedented Fan Access To The Ncaa Lacrosse Championships And Casey Powell

Nissan offers unprecedented fan access to the NCAA Lacrosse Championships and Casey PowellNissan's College 100 program launched its first "Nissan's Ultimate Access" lacrosse sweepstakes (#NissanUltimateAccess) across 32 U.S. colleges and universities. This sweepstakes, which runs through April 30, gives lacrosse super-fans a chance to meet Nissan's lacrosse ambassador, and lacrosse legend, Casey Powell, and win four tickets to the NCAA Lacrosse Championships in Philadelphia Memorial Day weekend.

Sony : Paragon Early Access Starts Today

Sony : Paragon Early Access Starts TodayHi Playstation Nation! Today is the start of Paragon Early Access — we hope you join us on the battlefields of Agora.
Everyone on the Paragon team is looking forward to watching the game grow with our players. As we’ve written before, Early Access is new to us.