Transport Minister Cautions Shipping Companies

Transport minister cautions shipping companies

Japanese transport minister Keiichi Ishii has called on the country's shipping companies to exercise the utmost caution when operating in the Gulf of Oman.

Ishii was speaking to reporters after a Cabinet meeting on Friday following attacks on two tankers in the Gulf the day before. One of the two tankers is operated by a Tokyo-based shipping firm.

Nra Turns Down Power Companies Requests

NRA turns down power companies requests

Japan's nuclear regulators have turned down requests by power companies to extend the timeframes for installing anti-terror facilities at their nuclear power plants.

The Nuclear Regulation Authority on Wednesday decided to order, in principle, the suspension of operations at the plants if the deadlines for building standby control rooms are not met.

Japan Enlists Major Companies For Operational Flying Cars

Japan Enlists Major Companies For Operational Flying Cars

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Japan wants operational flying cars to be available in the country in the next decade and for this purpose, it has enlisted some of the world’s top companies that are already working on flying cars. The companies that form part of the group that will receive support from the government include the likes of Uber, Boeing, Airbus, Toyota-backed startup Cartivator, and others. The group will initially be comprised of 21 businesses and organizations.

Nissan Recognized By Nmsdc For Increased Spend With Minority Companies

Nissan recognized by NMSDC for increased spend with minority companies

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Nissan North America received the Gazelle Award, a Corporation of the Year Category Top Performer, from the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) at the 2017 NMSDC Corporation of the Year Awards Banquet in Detroit.

This marks the first time Nissan has been recognized by the NMSDC for its commitment to minority suppliers.

Japan Plans Real-world Diesel Emissions Test After Companies Fail

Japan plans real-world diesel emissions test after companies failJapan's transport ministry plans to start real-world diesel emissions tests after an experiment found four models from Toyota, Nissan, and Mitsubishi that produced more nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions than the nation's rules allow, according to The Japan Times. Regulators there usually only perform emissions checks in the lab. The VW diesel scandal has everyone double-checking their figures.

Japanese, U.s. Companies Battling For Piece Of Tourism Pie In Japan

Japanese, U.S. companies battling for piece of tourism pie in JapanJapanese and American companies are becoming foes and friends in the fierce competition to tap into the growing number of overseas tourists to Japan.
They are both using a variety of IT services to win over customers, although the Japanese companies seem focused more on breaking language barriers while the U.S. companies are targeting reservations for restaurants and other locations.