Subaru Will Reveal The Ascent 3-row Crossover At The L.a. Auto Show

Subaru will reveal the Ascent 3-row crossover at the L.A. Auto Show

After about a year of concepts and spy photos, we finally know when we'll see the Subaru Ascent, the company's upcoming three-row crossover. Subaru announced on Twitter that the Ascent will make its debut on November 28 at this year's L.A. Auto Show. The announcement came with a teaser image, shown above, revealing the badge, rear taillight, and part of the bumper. We can tell that the Ascent will have a pretty upright hatch, and the rear bumper looks suitably "tough" with a brushed aluminum sill and black plastic cladding.

Three-row Lexus Rx Crossover To Debut Later This Month

Three-Row Lexus RX Crossover to Debut Later This Month

Lexus has announced it will debut an elongated, three-row version of its RX crossover at the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show later this month.

We first heard Lexus had a three-row RX in the pipeline back in the summer, when reports surfaced it would debut at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show in October. That didn’t happen, obviously, with Lexus electing to show it in America instead – a market where large crossovers are in high demand and are only becoming more popular.

Subaru Teases Its New Three-row Crossover Set To Debut Later This Month

Subaru Teases its New Three-Row Crossover Set to Debut Later this Month

The 2019 Subaru Ascent will be unveiled at the 2017 L.A. Auto Show on November 28.

Previewed earlier this year with the Subaru Ascent Concept, the new three-row crossover will be bigger than ever. After its debut, the Ascent will be sold exclusively in North America and serves as a successor to the B9 Tribeca. We will find out more once the vehicle debuts later this month, but Subaru said the Ascent will be powered by an all-new turbocharged boxer engine.

Rendered: The Production Lexus Ux Subcompact Crossover

Rendered: The Production Lexus UX Subcompact Crossover

The latest issue of Best Car magazine includes a guess at the upcoming Lexus UX subcompact crossover in a not-so-wonderful shade of brown:

Pulled from a Japanese blog, the image quality isn’t great — the UX rendering retains much of the original concept’s design, while somehow making it look like a warmed-over Nissan. Lost is the dynamic appearance we saw at last year’s Paris Auto Show:

Mitsubishi Evolution Reborn As Electric Crossover

Mitsubishi Evolution reborn as electric crossover

Forget everything you ever knew about the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. The potent, raw sport sedan that was a semi-mythical enthusiast fantasy for years is dead. In its place now comes an electric crossover, called the e-Evolution, as the Japanese automaker moves forward in a new era where mobility matters more than performance.

It's a tacit admission that a small company can't afford to compete in the narrowest of niches — sport sedans — and a shrinking one at that. The e-Evolution shows Mitsubishi's new strategic direction, and it will be capable of using artificial intelligence, connectivity and other mobility solutions.

Yes, The Mitsubishi Evo Could Become An Electrified Crossover, But Don't Panic

Yes, the Mitsubishi Evo could become an electrified crossover, but don't panic

By now, many of you have seen that Mitsubishi will reveal a concept with the Evolution name at the Tokyo Motor Show, and it will be an electrified crossover. On the surface, that sounds like heresy when the Evolution name has always stood for an uncompromising, rally-bred, turbocharged sports sedan. But don't jump to the conclusion that this will be a terrible, halfhearted product that ruins the Evo name. It's a smart move for Mitsubishi, it could be the only way we get a performance vehicle from the company, and there's no reason it can't be good.

Creating an Evo version of a crossover, or even a standalone Evo model, simply makes the most sense for Mitsubishi right now. There's no sign that people are getting tired of little lifted automobiles, which means that's where the sales and money are. Because of that, crossovers are the only product that Mitsubishi can safely afford to invest in right now. As much as we'd like to see another Evo sedan, the company can't afford to sink a big development budget into a one-off sedan for the very small enthusiast market. Investing in a basic sedan to use as a base isn't a good idea either, since that market also continues to shrink, and it's populated with very competitive models.

Mitsubishi Motors To Roll Out New Compact Crossover Mpv In September

Mitsubishi Motors to Roll Out New Compact Crossover MPV in September

Mitsubishi Motors Corp will start volume production of a new compact crossover MPV (multi-purpose vehicle) in September 2017 in Indonesia.

Mitsubishi Motors plans to unveil the vehicle at the 25th Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show, which will take place from Aug 10 to 20, 2017. The new MPV is one size larger than the company's existing compact MPV and has three rows of seats. It is aimed at realizing amenities and ride comfort for seven passengers.

Infiniti Kills Off Qx70 Crossover To Focus On Qx50

Infiniti Kills Off QX70 Crossover To Focus On QX50

An Infiniti spokesman has announced that the QX70 crossover has been killed off. Sad. Kind of. Not really.

Although U.S. customers continue to demand crossovers, Infiniti told Automotive News that the QX70 won’t be offered for the 2018 model year and that it will instead shift its marketing efforts to the smaller QX50, set for a comprehensive overhaul in 2018.

Lexus Ux Sub-compact Crossover Launching October 2018?

Lexus UX Sub-Compact Crossover Launching October 2018?

Japanese magazine Mag-X is reporting the upcoming Lexus UX will be enter into its final stage of testing this fall and will launch in October of 2018.

It’s expected the UX will share a platform with the new Toyota Prius — the design will draw deeply from the UX Concept from last year’s Paris Motor Show, with a full lightbar across the trunk and a coupe-like profile.

Kuhl Racing Injects Some Toughness Into Toyota C-hr Crossover

Kuhl Racing Injects Some Toughness Into Toyota C-HR Crossover

Japanese tuner Kuhl Racing has put together an extensive body kit for the Toyota C-HR, upgrading the funky crossover from bumper to bumper.

The kit consists of a front spoiler, rear half spoiler, side skirts, rear floating diffuser, rear bumper diffuser, corner sensor attachment, fog lamp attachment and a center exhaust tip.

Toyota's Next Small Crossover Could Be The Tj Cruiser

Toyota's next small crossover could be the TJ CruiserA trademark application filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office hints that a vehicle based on the Toyota FT-4X Concept may be headed for production. But it won't be called FT-4X (good riddance). Instead, Toyota may riff on the deceased-but-still-loved FJ Cruiser by naming its smaller 'ute the TJ Cruiser.

Remember, the FJ Cruiser was intended to evoke the memory of Toyota's famed FJ Land Cruiser series, which were (and still are) legendary for their off-road prowess and durability. The FJ had some legitimate off-road chops, too, but don't expect the same kind of mission statement from the TJ Cruiser, if it ever does hit the showroom floor. The FT-4X was marketed toward Millennials – which didn't sit well with some of us – and the TJ Cruiser would likely go down a similar path as a small, utilitarian crossover.

Rumor: Lexus Ux Subcompact Crossover Arriving October 2018?

Rumor: Lexus UX Subcompact Crossover Arriving October 2018?

Japanese magazine Mag-X has released a new rendering of the upcoming Lexus UX subcompact crossover that shows a very distinctive full-bar taillight — the magazine has also republished an older illustration from the front:

Mag-X suggests a on-sale date of October 2018, which seems altogether possible. The UX will have ample opportunity to gain a sales foothold in North America — with the recent cancellation of the CT hatchback, the sub-compact crossover will likely be the new entry-level model for the brand.

Nissan Preparing Electric Crossover Concept

Nissan Preparing Electric Crossover Concept

Nissan has commenced work on a new concept that will preview an all-electric crossover.

The vehicle is expected to debut later this year, be dubbed the Vmotion 3.0 and will follow in the footsteps of the Vmotion 2.0 that debuted earlier this year. According to company executives, it will focus on electrification, on-the-go connectivity and autonomous driving.