Canon Confirms Future Eos R Cameras Will Have Ibis

Canon Confirms Future EOS R Cameras Will Have IBIS

Having a steady hand while taking photos can mean the difference between a photo that is perfectly sharp and one that is blurred. Since it can be difficult to remain perfectly still all the time, that’s where image stabilization tech comes into play. The good news is that if you are planning on buying a Canon EOS R camera, Canon has confirmed that in-body image stabilization (IBIS) will be a feature on future cameras.

This is according to an interview that Amateur Photographer did at CP+ where the publication managed to speak to several Canon executives. When the topic of IBIS was brought up, Canon’s execs confirmed that this would be a feature that photographers will be able to expect in future cameras.

Mazda Development Chief Discusses Future Rotary Platform

Mazda development chief discusses future rotary platform

The switch can again be flicked from "The Rotary Engine is Doomed" to "The Rotary Engine Lives!" Mazda is re-tooling the once nearly forgotten rotary to work as a range extender for hybrid vehicles, with a chance for it to do even more than that. The latest information sounds rather promising for those still holding out a candle for the rotary.

Mazda's powertrain development chief, Ichiro Hirose discussed future rotary plans with the Australian Drive at the CX-30 crossover's launch. Hirose told Australia's Drive that Mazda is currently working with a very flexible and efficient rotary hybrid platform that doesn't necessarily come with the heavy emissions and fuel consumption baggage the rotary engine has earlier been saddled with.

Nissan-renault-mitsubishi Alliance Seeking Future

Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi alliance seeking future

Nissan Motor plans to name a new board of directors, and seek shareholders' approval for the move at their meeting in June. Nissan is also evaluating its relationship with Renault.

Nissan and its top shareholder Renault have maintained their partnership for 20 years. They have jointly developed technology and procured parts.

Nintendo Envisions A Future Where They Might No Longer Make Consoles

Nintendo Envisions A Future Where They Might No Longer Make Consoles

Like many major organizations that have been around for a while, Nintendo has evolved over the decades from being a company that produced handmade hanafuda (Japanese playing cards) to being a company that creates video game consoles. It seems that this could be the direction that Nintendo will be headed for the forseeable future, but it also appears that the company is also open to the possibility that one day Nintendo could do something else.

In a recent interview with Nikkei (via Nintendo Everything), Nintendo’s President Shuntaro Furukawa revealed that it is possible that one day Nintendo could actually stop making game consoles and focus on something else. He expressed that as a company, being flexible is just as important as being ingenius.

Is Sony Using A 21:9 Display For Future Xperia Phones?

Is Sony using a 21:9 display for future Xperia phones?

Sony Mobile adopted a taller skinny display in some of its 2018 Xperia smartphones for the first time. Sony opted for displays with a 2:1 QHD+ resolution in these phones, as opposed to displays with a more traditional 16:9 display ratio as used previously. However, Sony could be looking to go with even skinnier displays in 2019.

Future Whatsapp Status For Android Will Contain Ads

Future WhatsApp Status For Android Will Contain Ads

Given that WhatsApp no longer has an annual subscription fee and that the app is free to download, it has left many wondering how on earth does Facebook plan to monetize it, especially given how much they paid for it. Turns out it is pretty simple: ads, except that these ads will come in WhatsApp Statuses.

Perfume's Pv For 'future Pop' Unveiled

Perfume's PV for 'Future Pop' unveiled

The PV for Perfume's new song "FUTURE POP" has been unveiled. 

The video is a fusion of live filming and animation by Perfume and NTT Docomo's collaboration project 'Perfume × docomo Future Pop Project.' It was directed by Kodama Yuichi.

Bethesda Has More Plans For The Nintendo Switch In The Future

Bethesda Has More Plans For The Nintendo Switch In The Future

If there was one developer/publisher that surprised many when the Nintendo Switch was announced, it was Bethesda. Skyrim was the first game that the company released on the Switch and they have since not slowed down. The company has since released DOOM on the Switch, Fallout Shelter, and Wolfenstein II.

However it seems that the company's plans for the Switch are far from over. Speaking to Gamereactor, Bethesda's Todd Howard was quoted as saying, "We think Switch is a great platform – it was the first time we really worked closely with Nintendo on Skyrim – and really, really great experience and we’ll certainly be doing more things there in the future, but right now it’s not a mainline Fallout 4.”