Swimming Star Ikee Says She Will Not Give Up

Swimming star Ikee says she will not give up

Eighteen-year-old Japanese swimming star Rikako Ikee, who is battling leukemia, says she will not give up her efforts to take part in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Ikee updated her social media posts on Wednesday to express her determination to compete in the Tokyo Games.

Gaza Artists Give Talk At Yokohama Exhibition

Gaza artists give talk at Yokohama exhibition

Three artists from the Gaza Strip visited a Yokohama art gallery on Tuesday to talk about their work and the difficulties of life in the enclave.

Mohammad Al-Hawaziri said he thought it would be impossible to get out of Gaza and visit Japan. He said he is grateful to many people for taking an interest in his home.

Japan To Give Aid To Bangladesh For Rohingya

Japan to give aid to Bangladesh for Rohingya

The Japanese government will provide more than five million dollars to Bangladesh to help Rohingya refugees.

Rohingya Muslims fled to Bangladesh after Myanmar's security forces began an operation targeting Rohingya militants in the country's Rakhine state in August 2017.

The Oral Cigarettes Give A Dance Performance In Pv For 'wagamama De Gomakasanaide'

THE ORAL CIGARETTES give a dance performance in PV for 'Wagamama de Gomakasanaide'

THE ORAL CIGARETTES have uploaded the PV for their new song "Wagamama de Gomakasanaide" onto YouTube. 

"Wagamama de Gomakasanaide" will be released digitally on January 8, and it will serve as the opening theme to anime 'revisions' starting in January. The PV scrolls through 14 different situations, and in each situation, Yamanaka Takuya (Vo, G) makes an appearance in a different outfit. The members also challenged themselves to a dance performance for the PV. 

Okinawa Governor Says He Will Never Give Up.

Okinawa governor says he will never give up.

Okinawa Governor Denny Tamaki says he will take countermeasures against the landfill work the government started on Friday to build a new US military base along the coast of Henoko.

The government is moving ahead with its controversial plan to relocate a US military base within the prefecture, despite the opposition voters showed in September's gubernatorial election.

Abe To Give 11 Cabinet Posts To Newcomers

Abe to give 11 Cabinet posts to newcomers

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will bring in 11 newcomers when he reshuffles his Cabinet on Tuesday.

Abe is set to appoint executives of his ruling Liberal Democratic Party on Tuesday morning and reshuffle the Cabinet in the afternoon.

Ozu City To Give Radio Warnings For Dam Discharge

Ozu City to give radio warnings for dam discharge

Officials in a western Japanese city will consider using a disaster radio network to inform residents before emergency discharges of water from dams.

Ozu City in Ehime Prefecture is responding to complaints that residents were not properly notified about the discharge of water from a dam during the recent torrential rainfall in western Japan.

Ehime Governor Demands Kake Give News Conference

Ehime governor demands Kake give news conference

Governor Tokihiro Nakamura of Ehime Prefecture, western Japan, has demanded a veterinary school president explain why a school official provided misinformation about the president's meeting with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

The meeting is a focal point of an alleged favoritism scandal, as the president is a close friend of Abe.

Why Does Sony Not Give Up On Mobile? The Answer Appears Related To 5g Technology

Why does Sony not give up on mobile? The answer appears related to 5G technology

Sony Corporation reported its FY17 results yesterday, for the 12 months to 31 March 2018. Overall, at a Group level, Sony's results were good, with a 12% increase in revenues to 8,544 billion yen, and significant growth in operating income to 735 billion yen (from 289 billion yen last year). However, we've been accustomed to a less-rosy picture on Sony's smartphone business in recent years. This latest report was no exception.