Here's Why Sony Will Not Participate In E3 2020

Here's Why Sony Will Not Participate In E3 2020

It is the second year in a row that Sony (PlayStation) has decided not to make an appearance for the E3 event, in a response to

Of course, this is quite disappointing for the fans waiting for some exclusive announcements at E3 2020.

2021 Nissan Frontier Will Be All-new: Here's What To Expect

2021 Nissan Frontier will be all-new: Here's what to expect

The next-generation Nissan Frontier is poised to arrive in 2021, and through interviews with multiple sources we've been able to piece together a picture of what's in store. Yes, Nissan has neglected its midsize pickup, and today, the company markets the Frontier as a value proposition. It's cheaper than the Ford Ranger, Toyota Tacoma and Chevy Colorado. Those trucks have a whole lot more to offer in nearly every way, but they can also come in at prices encroaching on fullsize pickups. Nissan wants and should strive for more, says Stephanie Brinley, principal automotive analyst at IHS Markit. "It needs to adapt to some of the creature comforts and some of the technology, not because the other guys have them, but because consumers are indicating that they want them," Brinley says. Our dealer sources (with knowledge of the product via Nissan) tell us the design is completely new, retaining next to nothing of the current Frontier. We're told to expect an interpretation of the Warrior design seen on the new Titan. It'll be squared-off, much more masculine and Titan-esque — the folks who described the truck to us say they've seen it at various closed-door Nissan events. This macho design language matches what other manufacturers (and Nissan) have aimed for with new pickups. We've previously heard that Nissan will use an updated version of the current Frontier's platform for the new truck. However, other sources have said that it's riding on a shortened and modified Titan chassis. We can't definitively say which one it will be at this point, but the Titan is the new kid on the block. A new powertrain is also along for the ride. Nissan still sells the Frontier with a 2.5-liter four-cylinder and 4.0-liter V6 options. The four-cylinder can even be had with a five-speed manual transmission. A five-speed automatic is optional. None of this will make it into the 2021 Frontier. Instead, we're told to expect a new 3.8-liter naturally aspirated V6 and nine-speed automatic transmission. The 3.8-liter displacement is the same as the GT-R's displacement, but the two won't be anything alike if Nissan ultimately uses the purported engine in the Frontier. We'd wager a guess that the nine-speed heading toward the Frontier is a version of the transmission that was recently adopted by the Titan. One source gave us a 300-horsepower estimate. Expect superior fuel economy and more towing/hauling capability thanks to the updated chassis and powertrain. We're told that the new V6 is even more efficient than the outgoing four-cylinder truck. This move upscale is also rumored to be the end of the line for the King Cab, as our sources tell us the Crew Cab might be the only truck available. There are also rumors of a possible off-road high-performance Frontier from a couple sources. If the Frontier is on the Titan's platform, Nissan could theoretically shoehorn the 5.6-liter V8 under the hood for some extra go. It's only speculation for now, but we'd love to see such a creation outside the SEMA fantasy land. "It's a natural fit for the Frontier to have an off-road performance package," Brinley told us. From a timing perspective, the fully redesigned next-gen Frontier is said to be a 2021 model with a launch happening sometime within a year. A source tells us that we'll have to wait until February 2021 to see the truck actually hit dealer lots, leaving a lot of auto shows open for reveals between now and then. This timing was reportedly just revised backwards for unspecified reasons. Nissan will be gearing up for production of the new truck soon at the plant in Canton, MS. Nissan public relations declined to comment for this report, but a spokesperson said Nissan plans to launch 12 new products in the next 20 months. This will be one of the most important.

Here's A Nissan 300zx Living Out Its Fantasy Of Being A Ferrari Fxx

Here's A Nissan 300ZX Living Out Its Fantasy Of Being A Ferrari FXX

The Ferrari FXX is one of the most remarkable cars ever sold by the Italian firm to customers but unfortunately for us mere mortals, it is exceptionally limited and extraordinarily expensive. For one enthusiast over in Russia, however, the FXX served as the perfect inspiration a for an ambitious project.

Here's The First Pics Of Sony's Next Xperia Flagship

Here's the first pics of Sony's next Xperia flagship

Sony Mobile will be launching new hardware at the IFA 2019 tradeshow on 5 September at 1pm CEST (12pm BST). That shouldn't be much of a surprise, Sony has launched new Xperia handsets at the Berlin-based tradeshow for as long as we can remember. What we are able to share are the first pics of the latest Xperia flagship.

Honda E's Full Dashboard Of Screens — Here's How They'll Work - Autoblog

Honda E's full dashboard of screens — here's how they'll work - Autoblog

We are captivated by everything about the Honda E, from its "friendly and sympathetic" exterior lines to its living room interior to its turning radius of just over 14 feet. The dashboard topped with pillar-to-pillar screens is another attention-getter. Honda released a video showing how a driver can interact with this wall of video, which is composed of five high-definition color displays. The two six-inch screens on the edges show feeds from the exterior camera mirrors. The 8.8-inch TFT screen in front of the driver shows the digital instrument cluster. The two 12.3-inch LCD screens in the middle are where infotainment happens, and it looks like anyone who can work a smartphone can work the functions in a Honda E. Customizing the screens is as easy as swiping tiles to the left from an option menu, onto a column of favorites. A button above the favorites menu cascades the open tiles so a passenger can quickly get back to a previous screen. For information-dense menu options, the input portion appears on the left screen, the display portion on the right screen; for instance, when programming a charge time, the clock to set the time shows up on the left, the schedule calendar shows up on the right. A driver and passenger can also use each display separately, the driver working navigation on one side while the passenger plays DJ on the other side. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay will mirror on the devices when a phone is plugged in, and when the Honda E stops, the dash screens can be used to play video streamed via phone over the E's wi-fi hotspot. The included Honda Personal Assistant joins the growing mob of AI-powered butlers. Saying "OK Honda" calls the assistant to attention, and it understands natural speech when requesting changes in the cabin or online services. When away from the hatchback, a smartphone app enables using a phone as a digital key, setting safety alerts and geofencing, and preconditioning. Not every function is left to digital devices — the instrument panel presents a row of buttons and a knob on the horizontal surface just in front of the displays, a row of climate control buttons graces the center console, and there are more hard inputs on the steering wheel and the center tunnel.  Honda says it's had more than 36,000 expressions of interest for the E so far, and the carmaker's taking reservations for priority ordering in the UK, Germany, France, and Norway. We'll go on record again saying we want the Honda E here, too.

Here's A G63 Amg Replica Built Out Of A Suzuki Jimny - Autoblog

Here's a G63 AMG replica built out of a Suzuki Jimny - Autoblog

When the current generation Suzuki Jimny was first unveiled, parallels were quickly drawn between the Jimny's blocky shape and the design of the legendary Mercedes-Benz G-Class that's been with us for four decades. Aftermarket shops have since taken advantage of the perceived similarity of the two vehicles, and by swapping some exterior components, it's possible to make the Jimny look like a tiny version of the G-Class. Here's an attempt by a Dubai outfit. Fast Car Service has taken a Jimny and grafted on bespoke parts to make it look like a really, really small G63 AMG. There's a lot of new stuff on the front end, including the engine cover with fender-top G-Class indicators next to it, a custom bumper and grille, and a bull bar for very small bulls. The headlights are said to be not from the G-Class, but a Wrangler instead – still, they do a lot for the look, as do the wide arches and the side trim that takes after the Benz. Round the back, the bumper-mounted taillights have also received a G-Class shape. And get this – there are side pipes for the 1.5-liter four-banger. Fast Car Service charges $12,250 for the Geländerization of the Jimny, including custom paint, which is roughly half the price of the base car. You could also probably spend the money dressing up an original early-‘80s 240 GD and making it look like a newer AMG version, but for some reason this seems like a better idea instead. Check out Arab GT's video embedded above. Remember to select subtitles!

Toyota Sells Fewer And Fewer Manual Transmissions — Here's How Many Fewer

Toyota sells fewer and fewer manual transmissions  — here's how many fewer

It probably comes as no surprise that manual transmissions are on uncertain ground these days. Fewer models are offered with them, and public perception is that rowing-your-own is more of an enthusiast thing. But carmakers do not stick with automatics for no reason: expected and realized demand tells manufacturers if it's worth engineering a three-pedal variant. A good example is the new Toyota Supra, which only comes as automatic. There's surely a justified reason for the omission of a manual option, especially when we take a look at these manual take-rate figures provided by CarBuzz.

You can buy the Corolla sedan and hatch as a manual, just like the Tacoma, Yaris sedan and the 86 coupe. CarBuzz discussed the manual gearboxes' popularity with a Toyota representative at a Supra launch event, and the numbers are telling.

2020 Toyota Supra: Here's What It Looks Like In Every Color Offered

2020 Toyota Supra: Here's what it looks like in every color offered

It would be an understatement to say that there are strong feelings on both sides of the Toyota Supra argument. Most either love it, or abhor it. This one is for the former, because Toyota has given us the full color palette for the 2020 model year car. If you were thinking about hopping on the Supra bandwagon when it came out, here's your chance to begin formulating the configuration you want.

The first Supras built will all be the Launch Editions, available in Absolute Zero White, Nocturnal Black and Renaissance Red 2.0. All of those feature the red mirror cap accents and black wheels. In fall of this year the rest of the color options become available. Nitro Yellow has to be a front runner on many folks' lists — this one is only a $400 option. But Downshift Blue looks like it could be another popular way to spec the Supra.