Matchmaking Cruise

Matchmaking CruiseSeiichiro Kadowaki (Morio Kazama) created a popular electronic device that prevents collisions between people walking and using their smartphones. He loses his position as the CEO of his company and the company itself. He is 65-years-old and divorced. Seiichiro Kadowaki decides to find a new partner and start a second life.

Kanashi No Nora

Kanashi no NoraSakumi (Shingo Mizusawa) is an unpopular scenario writer and he is married to Hiyori (Hako Oshima). They do not have a child. One day, a stray cat comes into their home. They name the cat "Shiro" and accept the cat as part of their family, but Shiro disappears. Sakumi and Hiyori try to find Shiro. The couple are sad that the cat is gone and something happens to Hiyori.

Check Out The Short Pv For Aiko's New Single 'yokoku'

Check out the short PV for aiko's new single 'Yokoku'

The short PV for aiko's new single "Yokoku" has been uploaded onto her YouTube channel. 

"Yokoku" is the singer's 37th single that's scheduled for release on November 29. It's a number that aiko wrote because she wanted to have a positive attitude. In the PV, you can see her performing "Yokoku" with the band members in a backstage area of a theater. 

Artist Line Up For 'best Artist 2017' Revealed

Artist line up for 'Best Artist 2017' revealed

The full artist line up for NTV's music special 'Best Artist 2017' has been revealed. 

Performing artists include E-girls, NGT48, Kame to Yamapi, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Kuraki Mai, Keyakizaka46, THE YELLOW MONKEY, GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE, Sandaime J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE, Perfume, TOKIO, B'z, Morning Musume.'17,  Hoshino Gen, and more. The program will also feature a collaboration medley including a performance of "A・RA・SHI" by Arashi and Nogizaka46, "Polyrhythm" by Perfume, Miura Asami, and Kondo Haruna, and others. 

Flumpool's New Single To Be Titled 'toutoi'

flumpool's new single to be titled 'Toutoi'

flumpool's new single to be released on December 27 will be titled "Toutoi."

Besides the title track, the single includes "To be continued…," which is the theme song for anime 'Infini-T Force,' and "WINNER," which is the image song for TBS' 'S☆1.' The single's limited edition will come with a DVD containing solo interviews with the members. It features footage of the members in the studio and out shopping at convenience stores along with a special arrangement of "Toutoi" recorded in one take.

Boa To Hold Nationwide Tour + Release New Album

BoA to hold nationwide tour + release new album

BoA has announced that she will hold a nationwide tour called "BoA THE LIVE 2018 ~Unchained~" starting next March.

The tour will be a part of her concept live series "BoA THE LIVE", which has the theme "to deliver song and performance." She is scheduled to perform in Hokkaido, Fukuoka, Nagoya, Osaka, and Tokyo.

New Guided Tours Unlock Secrets Of Nijo Castle In Kyoto

New guided tours unlock secrets of Nijo Castle in Kyoto

KYOTO--Tourists can now not only admire the structure of Nijo Castle in this ancient capital, but also get a good grasp of the history surrounding it.

Starting this month, official guided tours are being offered every day in Japanese and English at the UNESCO World Heritage site.

Leading Tokyo Culinary School Spreading Art Of Washoku Across The Globe

Leading Tokyo culinary school spreading art of washoku across the globe

Gastronomy students from around the globe are learning how to master traditional Japanese cuisine -- known as "washoku" -- in Tokyo, with the added bonus that they can obtain a diploma from one of the world's most famous culinary schools.

Le Cordon Bleu launched a Japanese cuisine program at its Tokyo campus last month, four years after the U.N. Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization recognized washoku as an intangible cultural heritage, sparking increasing demands for Japanese cuisine in the global market.

Kamen Joshi Announces New Trainee Group Surijie

Kamen Joshi announces new trainee group SURIJIEAkihabara's masked idols Kamen Joshi have announced the formation of several new trainee groups under the new SURIJIE unit (stylized after "cerisier", the French word for "cherry blossom").
On November 10th, the applicants gathered at the P.A.R.M.S. Theater in Akihabara to face the verdict of the judges, with the results broadcast live on the SBS television program "YOEOROSUN -Tokoton Otazune Mousu-".

Silent Siren Sets Sail For Night Of Miracles At Budokan

SILENT SIREN sets sail for night of miracles at BudokanOn November 13 and 14, on the fifth anniversary of their major-label debut, SILENT SIREN held the final Japanese performances of their 26-show tour, "5th ANNIVERSARY SILENT SIREN LIVE TOUR 2017 — The New World" at Nippon Budokan. Following their Nippon Budokan debut on January 17, 2015, this was the all-female band's second appearance at Japan's rock mecca, this time holding a back-to-back two-day event.

Nogizaka46's Kitano Hinako To Take A Hiatus From Her Activities

Nogizaka46's Kitano Hinako to take a hiatus from her activities

It's been reported that Nogizaka46 member Kitano Hinako will temporarily stop her activities. 

Since summer, Kitano has taken a break from some activities due to her poor health. In order to focus on recovery, she decided to withdraw herself from all activities for the time being. On her blog, she revealed that she has not been well since last winter, "I struggled to make this decision as this is an important time for Nogizaka46 and myself." She continued, "It might be difficult for me to fully recover and return, but I will come back right away when I am in a better condition than I am in now."