Sony Has Sold 100 Million Ps4 Consoles To Date

Sony Has Sold 100 Million PS4 Consoles To Date

It goes without saying that Sony’s PS4 console is one of the most popular consoles in the market today, and based on the latest figures, it looks like Sony has pretty much conquered this particular generation of consoles. This is because in the company’s latest earnings, they have revealed that they have sold a whopping 100 million PS4 consoles to date.

It has been reported that sales of the PS4 are actually slowing down, but in all honesty, it doesn’t really come as a surprise. This is because we are nearing the end of the current generation of consoles, where both Microsoft and Sony have actually confirmed that they do have next-gen consoles already in the works.

Nearly 6 Million Dollars Donated After Kyoto Blaze

Nearly 6 million dollars donated after Kyoto blaze

Kyoto Animation says it has received more than 5.7 million dollars in donations less than two days after it opened a bank account to receive support from people in Japan and abroad.

Its No.1 studio was set ablaze on July 18, leaving 34 people dead.

$32 Million In Assets Stolen From Crypto Exchange

$32 million in assets stolen from crypto exchange

An expert looking into the massive theft of digital coins from crypto-currency exchange operator BITPoint Japan says the hackers repeatedly accessed its system over a period of 12 hours.

BITPoint Japan's parent company revealed on Friday that 32 million dollars' worth of digital currency was stolen between Thursday night and Friday morning. The theft involved five types of crypto-currency, including Bitcoin and Ripple.

3.22 Million Tokyo Olympic Tickets Sold

3.22 million Tokyo Olympic tickets sold

Organizers of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics say at least 90 percent of people who won the chance to buy tickets in a lottery last month have paid for their tickets.

The organizing committee said on Friday that a total of 3.22 million tickets have been sold.

Over A Million Ordered To Evacuate In Kyushu

Over a million ordered to evacuate in Kyushu

More than one million people in southwestern Japanese region of Kyushu have been ordered to evacuate as continuing heavy rain may trigger mudslides or other threats.

Evacuation orders are in place for the entire area of nine municipalities in Kagoshima Prefecture. They are the cities of Kagoshima, Hioki, Kirishima, Ichikikushikino, Minamisatsuma, Aira, Tarumizu, and Kanoya, as well as Osaki Town.

More Than One Million Advised To Evacuate

More than one million advised to evacuate

Evacuation orders have been issued to 6,051 people in 2,859 households in Kagoshima Prefecture.

Meanwhile, evacuation advisories are in place in the prefectures of Kagoshima, Miyazaki, Kumamoto and Ehime. The advisories affect 996,000 people in 467,000 households.

Nissan May Be Fined $37 Million In Japan Over Ghosn's Pay

Nissan may be fined $37 million in Japan over Ghosn's pay

TOKYO — Japan's markets watchdog will likely recommend that the financial regulator fine Nissan up to 4 billion yen ($37 million) over the alleged underreporting of former Chairman Carlos Ghosn's compensation, a source said. The Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission (SESC) will likely recommend the fine on the basis that Ghosn's alleged underreported salary had a "significant" impact on investor decisions regarding the company, the source said, declining to be identified. A spokesman for the SESC declined to comment on specific cases, while Nissan was not immediately available for comment. The SESC is expected to formally start its investigation before the end of the month, when it examines Nissan's latest annual filings, the source said. If Nissan files documentation to the SESC before the formal investigation begins and recognizes that previous reporting was incorrect, it may receive a reduced fine of around 2.4 billion yen, the source said. Ghosn was arrested in Tokyo in November over allegations of financial misconduct, including understating his salary by around 9.1 billion yen ($84.71 million) over a period of nearly a decade and temporarily transferring personal financial losses to the books of Nissan, Japan's No. 2 automaker. Since then, he has also been accused of enriching himself by around $5 million at Nissan's expense. Ghosn, who has been released from detention pending his trail, denies all of the charges. The fine, which was earlier reported by domestic media, would cover a four-year period through March 2018, the source said. Due to the statute of limitations, Nissan is not liable for any underreporting before that period.

Ps4 Sales Will Soon Cross 100 Million Units

PS4 Sales Will Soon Cross 100 Million Units

To say that the PlayStation 4 has been a massive hit for Sony would be an understatement. The console has consistently outsold the Xbox One and will soon cross another major milestone. According to the figures officially revealed by Sony, it won’t be long before the PS4 sales cross 100 million units.

Sony did caution last year that the PlayStation 4 sales had fallen for the very first time year-over-year. That has happened once again in 2019 but it’s still a pretty strong showing by Sony’s console. The company sold 17.8 million PS4 units in the fiscal year ending March 31st, slightly down from the 19 million units sold in the previous fiscal year.