Xperia Xz2/xz3 Family Gets November 2019 Security Patches; Xperia 1 With October Patches

Xperia XZ2/XZ3 family gets November 2019 security patches; Xperia 1 with October patches

Sony Mobile has updated a few handsets in recent weeks. First off, the current flagship, the Xperia 1, has seen its firmware update move to build number 55.0.A.10.26. This update brings the October 2019 Android security patches, although it's surprising why we haven't seen an update with the November patches – maybe Sony is contemplating Android 10, although it is keeping quiet about an official release date for now.

Hori's Mario Kart Racing Wheel Will Be Arriving Stateside This November

Hori's Mario Kart Racing Wheel Will Be Arriving Stateside This November

According to the description of the accessory, “Hori is pleased to announce the Nintendo Switch Mario Kart racing wheel Pro. The racing wheel is ideal for the Mario Kart and racing gamer. The ergonomic wheel design, pedals, and convenient on-board controls were built to create an authentic racing simulation. Officially licensed by Nintendo.”

While the controller seems to suggest that it is for Mario Kart, Hori notes that it will be usable with other racing games as well, so you should be able to use it with more than just one game. While Hori is not the only company to release a steering wheel controller for the Switch, it does come with some added accessories like pedals that will make the game feel a bit more realistic.

Doom 64 Will Be Coming To The Nintendo Switch This November

DOOM 64 Will Be Coming To The Nintendo Switch This November

If you love playing old and classic video games, Nintendo and Bethesda might have some news that could make you very happy. In a tweet by the official DOOM account, it has been revealed that DOOM 64 will be launching on the Nintendo Switch console this coming November, or to be more specific, the 22nd of November.

In case you’re not familiar with DOOM 64, this is a title that was originally released back in 1997 where in case the name already did not give it away, was a version of Doom that was launched for the Nintendo 64 console. It was not a port of the game, but rather a sequel. It has been about 22 years since (we wonder if this might be the reason behind the 22nd of November date) so if you’re looking to relive a classic, then you’ll want to keep an eye out for it.

Pope Francis To Visit Japan In November

Pope Francis to visit Japan in November

Pope Francis is set to make a four-day trip to Japan this November. It will be the first papal visit to the country since John Paul II came in 1981.

Pope Francis is scheduled to arrive in Tokyo on November 23. The next day, he will visit Nagasaki and Hiroshima. In Nagasaki, he will pray at Urakami Cathedral, which was rebuilt following the atomic bombing of the city in 1945. In Hiroshima, he will commemorate atomic bombing victims at the Peace Memorial Museum.

Death Stranding Ps4 Release Confirmed For November 2019

Death Stranding PS4 Release Confirmed For November 2019

There has been a lot of anticipation for Hideo Kojima’s next game. It has been teased frequently but those who have been looking forward to it can now breathe a sigh of relief. It has finally been confirmed that the Death Stranding PS4 release will take place in November this year.

Kojima hasn’t revealed much about the game so far. A cryptic Twitch stream has been teasing the game with what felt like gameplay footage but it was difficult to be sure of it. As the stream racked up more viewers, it revealed more footage, ending with a new trailer which introduced us to the main cast of the game. The trailer also confirmed the release date for this title.

Playstation 5 May Release In November 2020 For $499

PlayStation 5 May Release In November 2020 For $499

Sony has already confirmed that it’s working on its next-generation console. The company has also pointed out that the console won’t be out before next year. A new report about the price and release date of the PlayStation 5 suggests that the console is going to be released in November next year for $499.

Respected Sony analyst Hideki Yasuda predicts that Sony is going to release its next-generation gaming console in November 2020. He also predicts in his latest quarterly analysis report for the Ace Research Institute that the console will be priced at $499.

Pope Eyes November Japan Visit

Pope eyes November Japan visit

Pope Francis has expressed his desire to visit Japan this November. It would be his first trip to Japan as head of the Catholic Church.

The pope was speaking to reporters on Wednesday en route to Panama.

Xperia Xz1 And Xz1 Compact Get November 2018 Patches (47.2.a.2.33)

Xperia XZ1 and XZ1 Compact get November 2018 patches (47.2.A.2.33)

Sony Mobile recently started to roll build number 47.2.A.2.33 to the Xperia XZ Premium last week, adding the November 2018 Android security patches. It was odd that the update didn't hit the Xperia XZ1 and XZ1 Compact at the same time, but it is rolling now. The update is rolling across a number of regions across both devices. Please let us know your impressions if you've updated below.