Sony Ps5 Will Be Launching November 12

Sony PS5 Will Be Launching November 12

As for other markets, the console will be available for the rest of the world on the 19th of November, save for China where according to Sony, “PS5 launch date for China is still under exploration and will be announced at a later date.”

In terms of pricing, it seems that the PS5 will indeed be more expensive than its predecessor. According to Sony’s pricing, the PS5 will be priced at $500 for the version that accepts discs, but if you don’t mind downloading all your games digitally, the Digital Edition of the PS5 will cost $400, so you’ll be able to save yourself $100 in the process.

To give you some context, the PS5’s price at $500 is pretty much the same as Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, although the main difference is that Xbox customers will be able to purchase their console on an installment plan. The Xbox Series S, however, will still be much cheaper than the PS5 Digital Edition at $300, although it won’t offer up the same experience.

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