Japan: Export Controls Are In Line With Wto Rules

Japan: Export controls are in line with WTO rules

Japan says its tightened controls on the export of high-tech materials to South Korea are in line with World Trade Organization rules.

Japanese government officials plan to defend the restrictions at a WTO meeting that began in Geneva on Monday.

Japanese Language Schools Face Tightened Rules

Japanese language schools face tightened rules

Japan's immigration authorities plan to tighten the rules on Japanese language schools to get them to raise their standards. Some schools have been criticized for their poor education levels.

Also, many students are reportedly working outside the classroom for more hours than they are supposed to.

Ldp Panel Compiles Proposals On Rules On It Giants

LDP panel compiles proposals on rules on IT giants

A panel of Japan's governing Liberal Democratic Party has compiled proposals urging the government to set rules for IT giants to ensure transparency in handling personal data and contracts with client firms.

Huge IT companies such as Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon, collectively known as GAFA, have faced criticism for collecting large amounts of customer data that they use to safeguard their market dominance.

Drivers' Clothing Rules Revised After Monk's Case

Drivers' clothing rules revised after monk's case

The government of Fukui Prefecture in central Japan has revised a regulation on drivers' clothes, after a Buddhist monk was given a traffic ticket for driving in a robe.

The monk was ticketed in Fukui City last September. Police argued that wearing a robe could impair his driving and was a violation of the prefecture's road traffic laws.

Rules Created For Genome-edited Food

Rules created for genome-edited food

An expert panel of the health ministry finalized a report on creating rules for genome-edited agricultural and marine products on Monday, meaning they could be on the market within months.

Genome editing involves engineering mutations in DNA. Scientists are using the technology to develop new varieties of foods, such as more prolific rice species and larger red sea bream.

Court Rules Blacking Out Of Moritomo Paper Illegal

Court rules blacking out of Moritomo paper illegal

A court in Osaka has ruled that the government's failure to fully disclose a document in connection with a controversial sale of a state-owned land plot was illegal.

The Osaka District Court on Thursday ordered the state to pay about 500 dollars in compensation to a university professor who asked for the disclosure.

Paris Rules Out Baseball, Karate In 2024 Olympics

Paris rules out baseball, karate in 2024 Olympics

Baseball, softball and karate will likely be dropped from the 2024 Paris Olympics but breakdancing is expected to make its Olympic debut.

Host cities are allowed to pick additional sports and the organizing committee for the Paris Games announced its candidates on Thursday.

Tough New Pilot Drinking Rules

Tough new pilot drinking rules

Japan's transport ministry is working on new regulations governing how much airline pilots are allowed to drink before reporting for work.

It's proposing stricter limits than those that already apply to car drivers. The move follows a series of alcohol-related problems involving commercial pilots.

Govt. Plans Revising Telecom Equipment Rules

Govt. plans revising telecom equipment rules

The Japanese government plans to revise the rules for its procurement of telecommunications equipment to take into consideration the risks related to national security.

The only current rules are on the cost of procurement.

Japan Court Rules Ikata Reactor To Stay Online

Japan court rules Ikata reactor to stay online

A Japanese court has rejected a request by local residents to shut down a nuclear reactor in western Japan.

The Takamatsu High Court made the decision on the No.3 reactor at the Ikata nuclear power plant in Ehime Prefecture on Thursday.

Japan, Germany Stress Compliance With Trade Rules

Japan, Germany stress compliance with trade rules

The leaders of Japan and Germany have agreed to work together to promote compliance with international trade rules.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Chancellor Angela Merkel held talks in Brussels, Belgium, on Thursday on the sidelines of the Asia-Europe Meeting.

Court Rules In Favor Of Govt. In Reclamation Suit

Court rules in favor of govt. in reclamation suit

The Fukuoka High Court in western Japan has ruled in favor of the central government over a controversial reclamation project at a bay in Nagasaki Prefecture.

The court on Monday issued the ruling that effectively nullifies a previous court order for the government to open the floodgates of a dike at Isahaya Bay.

Tighter Rules Prompt Wineries To Review Indications

Tighter rules prompt wineries to review indications

Jiji Press YAMAGATA (Jiji Press) — Some wineries are moving to change their product indications containing geographical names ahead of the planned tightening of place-of-origin rules aimed at preventing consumers' misunderstanding amid the rising reputation of domestic wines.

Among them is Takeda Winery in the city of Kaminoyama, Yamagata Prefecture, whose mainstay products include the Zao Star series. The product brand name derives from the Zao mountain range, known for popular ski resorts and the tourist-attracting scenery of frozen snow-covered trees.

Dating Businesses Using Schoolgirls To Face Tougher Rules In Tokyo

Dating businesses using schoolgirls to face tougher rules in TokyoA new ordinance bill to impose strict restrictions on dating businesses using teenage schoolgirls was presented to the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly's steering committee Wednesday, with the aim of protecting them from involvement in crimes.
The bill, banning girls aged 17 or younger from providing intimate services to customers and allowing on-site inspections by police, was compiled by the Metropolitan Police Department and will be deliberated at the assembly's regular sessions starting next week.