Mazda6 Rumored To Get Straight-six And Rear-wheel Drive

Mazda6 rumored to get straight-six and rear-wheel drive

Last June, Japan's Best Car magazine laid out what we considered a whopper series of rumors about future Mazda developments. The mag said it had been speaking to a Toyota source on an unrelated matter, and found out that Mazda's work on a straight-six Skyactiv engine was predicated on that engine's use in Toyota Group vehicles, including Lexus models. Car and Driver has apparently consulted its own sources, and in a new report utters many of the same pronouncements as Best Car. The next-generation Mazda6, due around 2022, will molt out of its transverse engines on a front-driver platform, and be the first home for the longitudinally-mounted straight-six on the automaker's new rear-wheel drive "Large Architecture." 

The gas-powered Skyactiv-X six-cylinder, a shade under 3 liters of displacement, will get help from a 48-volt hybrid system, and top output could hit 350 horsepower. A second straight-six will come in an oil-burning Skyactiv-D flavor, and PHEVs are certain to eventually factor into the equations.

Japan's Population Falls For 9th Straight Year

Japan's population falls for 9th straight year

Japan's population has decreased for the 9th year in a row, with society continuing to gray.

The Internal Affairs Ministry estimates the total population, including foreign residents, at about 126.1 million as of October 1, 2019.

Japan Ghg Emissions Down For 5 Straight Years

Japan GHG emissions down for 5 straight years

Japan's Environment Ministry says the country's greenhouse gas emissions were down for the fifth straight year in fiscal 2018.

The ministry says domestic emissions in the fiscal year that ended in March 2019 amounted to a carbon dioxide equivalent of 1.24 billion tons.

Japan's Population Down For 10th Straight Year

Japan's population down for 10th straight year

The population of Japanese nationals has fallen for the 10th straight year, while the ratio of foreign residents topped 2 percent for the first time.

The internal affairs ministry says the number of Japanese living in the country was over 124.7 million as of January 1 this year. The number has been dropping since it peaked in 2009.

Are Toyota And Lexus Planning To Use Mazda's Straight-six And New Platform?

Are Toyota and Lexus planning to use Mazda's straight-six and new platform?

Japan's Best Car magazine has what appears to be a whopper of a rumor. The mag said it scooped Mazda's development of a straight-six engine that Mazda only revealed in March, the carmaker having buried the information in a financial statement. By way of Lexus Enthusiast and according to Google translate, Best Car writes that as it was speaking to a Toyota source on an unrelated matter, the magazine found out that Mazda's work on the straight-six was predicated on the engine's use in Toyota Group vehicles, which includes Lexus.

Here's the account of how the engine and Mazda's coming front-engined rear-drive platform, dubbed "Large Architecture," will make their way to Toyota City:

Child Population Drops For 38 Straight Years

Child population drops for 38 straight years

May 5 is Children's Day in Japan. But the number of children in the country has declined for 38 straight years since 1982, and is now at an all-time-low.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs says the number of children under 15 years old totaled 15.33 million as of April 1 -- 7.85 million boys and 7.48 million girls.

Kobayashi Gets 6th Straight World Cup Ski Jump Win

Kobayashi gets 6th straight World Cup ski jump win

Japan's ski jumper Ryoyu Kobayashi has claimed his sixth straight World Cup win, equaling the tournament record.

Kobayashi finished first in the event in Val di Fiemme in Italy on Saturday. It is his ninth victory in the 2018-19 World Cup season.