Tencent Could Start Making Games With Nintendo Characters

Tencent Could Start Making Games With Nintendo Characters

We have seen Tencent making a lot of games (especially for the mobile platform). You must be aware of games like PUBG.

Now, it looks like it might be making plans to target the US audience with some games involving Nintendo characters for consoles.

Google's App Defense Alliance Wants To Stop Bad Android Apps From Reaching Your Phone

Google's App Defense Alliance Wants To Stop Bad Android Apps From Reaching Your Phone

While the Google Play Store has systems in place to try and prevent malware and bad apps from getting listed and downloaded by users, unfortunately, it’s not the perfect system and from time to time, we do come across reports that bad apps find their way into the Play Store where it ends up being downloaded by users.

In a bid to prevent that from happening, or at least reducing the chances of that happening, Google has formed a partnership with various security companies, such as ESET, Lookout, and Zimperium, where they have come together to create the App Defense Alliance. According to Google, this alliance’s goal is to stop bad apps in their tracks before they reach the devices of users.

Newly Discovered Android Malware Can Survive A Factory Reset

Newly Discovered Android Malware Can Survive A Factory Reset

Malware on our smartphones isn’t new, and while there are ways to remove them, in some instances where it is particularly severe, the only way to deal with malware would be to factory reset your phone back to the way it was when it was new. Unfortunately, it seems that there is a new Android malware making its rounds that makes it impossible to remove, even with a factory reset.

Dubbed xHelper, this malware isn’t so much about stealing your phone’s information or sensitive details, but rather, it is designed to continuously serve up popup ads, in which presumably that is how its creators are making money off it. There is one particularly dangerous feature of the malware, which according to ZDNet, would see the malware download and install apps on your behalf.

Canon's Eos Ra Camera Is Aimed At Astrophotographers

Canon's EOS Ra Camera Is Aimed At Astrophotographers

Now, if astrophotography is your kind of thing, then you might be interested to learn that Canon has quietly announced their latest camera in the form of the EOS Ra. As its name implies, this is part of Canon’s new EOS R series of mirrorless cameras, except that this camera has been specially created for astrophotography.

This is thanks to the use of a specially designed IR filter that allows four times as much transmission of the 656nm wavelength, thus opening up the camera’s potential for astrophotography. According to Canon, “This allows for a higher transmission of deep red infrared rays emitted by nebulae, without requiring any other specialized optics or accessories.”

Sony Pictures To Offer An Exclusive ‘jumanji' Vr Experience

Sony Pictures To Offer An Exclusive ‘Jumanji' VR Experience

Sony Pictures Virtual Reality and The VOID announced that they will provide an immersive VR experience to enter ‘Jumanji’.

This should help to promote the upcoming ‘Jumanji – The Next Level‘ movie. However, unlike the original movie title, the VR experience will feature ‘Jumanji: Reverse The Curse’.

Microsoft Japan Experiments With 3-day Weekend, Sees A 40% Boost In Productivity

Microsoft Japan Experiments With 3-Day Weekend, Sees A 40% Boost In Productivity

If you’ve ever wished for a 3-day weekend, know that you’re not alone. However, it seems that over in Japan, Microsoft experimented with such a concept, where employees were only required to come into work four days a week instead of five, giving them an extra day of rest. It turned out to be an excellent idea.

This is because based on the results of their experiment, which took place for an entire month in August this year, it seems that productivity of employees actually increased by as much as 40%. This means that while employees worked less days, the amount of work that they got done was more than if they had worked that extra day.

Ai.type Keyboard App For Android Makes Unauthorized Purchases

Ai.type Keyboard App For Android Makes Unauthorized Purchases

Ai.type was a pretty popular 3rd party keyboard app for Android available on the Play Store. However, it was removed from the Play Store after security reports of displaying invisible advertisements and requiring unnecessary permissions.

It is worth noting that it was an app on the Android marketplace with more than 40 million downloads. It wasn’t so popular at the App Store, but it was also available for iOS devices.

Xperia Decline Accelerates With Just 0.6m Units Shipped In Last Quarter

Xperia decline accelerates with just 0.6m units shipped in last quarter

Sony reported its latest three-month results for the quarter ended 30 September 2019, and it remains a sober read for the performance of its mobile business. The launch of the Xperia 1 appears to have made no difference to shipments, as Sony shipped just 600,000 units – its lowest number of shipments ever, down by over 60 per cent year-on-year.

Nintendo Has Sold 41.67 Million Switch Units Worldwide

Nintendo Has Sold 41.67 Million Switch Units Worldwide

With the Nintendo Wii U, the console was a huge flop and many were worried for the future of Nintendo. However, with the Switch, things turned around somewhat dramatically for the company. In fact, according to the latest figures, it seems that Nintendo has managed to sell 41.67 million units of the Switch worldwide to date.

This is quite impressive when you consider how poorly the Wii U did back in the day. According to Nintendo’s latest earnings, the Switch sold an additional 4.8 million units during the past three months ending in September 30. The company had also revealed that the Switch Lite, which was released on the 20th of September, accounted for 1.95 million units, which seems to indicate that the console is doing pretty well.

Sony Playstation Vue Will Be Shutting Down

Sony PlayStation Vue Will Be Shutting Down

In an official announcement on its PlayStation Blog, Sony has announced the shutdown of its PlayStation Vue service. According to Sony, “Today we are announcing that we will shut down the PlayStation Vue service on January 30, 2020. Unfortunately, the highly competitive Pay TV industry, with expensive content and network deals, has been slower to change than we expected. Because of this, we have decided to remain focused on our core gaming business.”

Sony has also pointed customers to its PlayStation Store and also individual third-party media apps if they still wanted to access TV shows on their PlayStation consoles. Sony did not make any mention of selling off its PlayStation Vue business, so for now, it would be safe to assume that after the 30th of January, 2020, the service would be gone for good.

Sony Files Trademarks For Ps6, Ps7, Ps8, Ps9, And Ps10

Sony Files Trademarks For PS6, PS7, PS8, PS9, And PS10

The next major Sony PlayStation console release will be the PS5, which has been confirmed for a release in the holiday season of 2020. As with its previous consoles, Sony will most likely support the console for about 10 years, and might introduce its successor about halfway or three-quarters through its lifecycle.

However, following the PS5, could the PS6 be next? And following that, the PS7? Maybe, maybe, but to be safe, Sony has filed trademarks for multiple PlayStations which includes the PS6, PS7, PS8, PS9, and the PS10. Now, this does not necessarily guarantee that we will see all these consoles, but rather it’s just Sony’s way of protecting their PlayStation branding.