More Than 13,000 Homes Flooded After Hagibis

More than 13,000 homes flooded after Hagibis

NHK has learned that more than 13,000 homes were flooded due to Typhoon Hagibis which swept across Japan.

Data collected from NHK stations across the country showed that more than 1,100 houses were destroyed or partially damaged.

More Than 5,000 Still Evacuated After Typhoon

More than 5,000 still evacuated after typhoon

Japan's Cabinet Office said a total of 5,513 people in 13 prefectures were still in evacuation facilities as of 5 a.m. on Tuesday after Typhoon Hagibis battered much of the country over the weekend.

Fukushima Prefecture in northeastern Japan has the highest number of evacuees, with 2,101 remaining at 67 facilities. Nagano Prefecture northwest of Tokyo follows with 1,268, while Miyagi Prefecture to the north of Fukushima has 897.

More Than 5,2000 Households Still Without Power

More than 5,2000 households still without power

More than 52,000 households in Tokyo and surrounding areas are still without power due to Typhoon Hagibis.

Tokyo Electric Power Company is working to fix transmission facilities damaged by flooding.

More Than 64,000 Houses In Chiba Still Lack Power

More than 64,000 houses in Chiba still lack power

About 64,000 households are still without electricity in Chiba Prefecture, near Tokyo, more than a week after a typhoon struck the area.

Typhoon Faxai made landfall in the prefecture on September 9, causing extensive damage. Tokyo Electric Power Company is rushing to repair the grid, but work is facing delays in some areas.

More Than 420,000 Households Still Without Power

More than 420,000 households still without power

Hundreds of thousands of households and businesses are still without power near Tokyo, days after the area was slammed by Typhoon Faxai.

Tokyo Electric Power Company issued an update early Wednesday on efforts to restore electricity in Chiba and Kanagawa prefectures.

More Than 110,000 People Advised To Evacuate

More than 110,000 people advised to evacuate

Evacuation advisories have been issued for more than 110,000 households, or more than 230,000 people, in Kanagawa and Shizuoka prefectures and Tokyo metropolitan areas.

The evacuation advisory carries a level four alert on a scale of five.

Zero Day Android Exploits Now Cost More Than Ios, And That's A Good Thing

Zero Day Android Exploits Now Cost More Than iOS, And That's A Good Thing

During the early days, this led to a lot of problems as it meant that malware could be easily hidden in these apps. Also, screening systems back then weren’t quite as sophisticated, thus allowing apps with malware to make it past Google’s checks. However, these days it’s starting to look very different where according to a report from WIRED, zero-day exploits for Android are being priced higher compared to iOS.

This is actually a good thing, at least for Android users, where it basically means that there are fewer zero-day exploits for Android, or at least Google has made it harder for hackers to find, thus increasing the price of those available. The same cannot be said for iOS, where it seems that there are more being sold in these underground markets, thus lowering its prices.