Japan Amphibious Unit Drills With Us In Australia

Japan amphibious unit drills with US in Australia

Japan's Ground Self-Defense Force has sent its amphibious unit to Australia for joint exercises with the United States.

About 300 personnel took part in drills with the US Marine Corps on the northeastern coast of Australia on Tuesday.

Terrorism Response Unit Set Up In Tokyo

Terrorism response unit set up in Tokyo

The Tokyo Fire Department has set up a unit that can quickly respond to terrorist attacks. It's part of preparations for the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics in Tokyo.

The new unit will have the capability to operate rescue, chemical disaster response, and other squads in a centralized manner in the event of terrorist attacks and other disasters.

Japan To Establish Space Unit

Japan to establish space unit

Japan's Defense Ministry is set to include the establishment of a space unit in its new defense guidelines.

The National Defense Program Guidelines are scheduled to be revised next month for the first time in 5 years. The Japanese government has listed space and cyberspace as new priority areas to strengthen defense.

No.4 Unit At Hokkaido's Main Power Plant Restarted

No.4 unit at Hokkaido's main power plant restarted

The operator of the main power plant in Hokkaido, northern Japan, has restarted one of the generators that were shut down after a powerful earthquake.

The quake on September 6th forced the Tomatoh-Atsuma thermal power plant to stop all 3 of the generators that were in operation. That triggered a massive blackout across one of Japan's main islands.

Hokkaido Power Plant Plans Unit Restart

Hokkaido power plant plans unit restart

The operator of a major power station in quake-hit Hokkaido is working to put a unit at the plant back online on Tuesday at earliest.

The powerful earthquake on September 6th caused damage to the Tomatoh-Atsuma thermal power plant, triggering a massive blackout.

Nissan Calls Off Potential $1 Billion Sale Of Battery Unit To China's Gsr

Nissan calls off potential $1 billion sale of battery unit to China's GSR

TOKYO — Nissan Motor canceled a potential $1 billion sale of its electric car battery unit to China's GSR Capital, and while the automaker said it still aimed to find a buyer, analysts feel it could be a hard sell as the technology was not cutting edge.

Japan's second-biggest automaker said on Monday the Chinese investment firm lacked the funds to make the purchase. The deal could not be closed by the June 29 deadline, Nissan said, ending a process which had faced several delays since its announcement almost a year ago.

Miyake Ken & Takizawa Hideaki Form A New Unit

Miyake Ken & Takizawa Hideaki form a new unit

V6's Miyake Ken and Tackey&Tsubasa's Takizawa Hideaki have formed a new unit called "KEN☆Tackey" and will be making their CD debut with "Gyakuten Lovers" this summer. 

KEN☆Tackey gave their first performance on the first night of 'Takizawa Kabuki 2018' at Shinbashi Enbujo. They announced, "We had been receiving requests from our fans and finally. Thank you for waiting."

Fujifilm To Acquire Xerox, Merge With Own Unit

Fujifilm to acquire Xerox, merge with own unit

Fujifilm Holdings Corp. said Wednesday it will acquire a 50.1 percent stake in Xerox Corp. of the United States and merge with its copy machine subsidiary Fuji Xerox Co. with the aim of improving profitability amid sluggish business environment in the copier industry.

Fujifilm Holdings also said that it will slash 10,000 jobs at Fuji Xerox, more than half of which will be workers based overseas.

Mazda Is Developing A New Petrol Engine Technology That Could End Up Being As Clean As An Ev Unit

Mazda is developing a new petrol engine technology that could end up being as clean as an EV unitMazda is developing a new petrol engine technology that could end up being as clean as an EV unit.
The automaker’s powertrain chief broke the news during a technical conference, while also revealing the Skyactiv-3 nomenclature, reports Autonews.According to Mazda’s powertrain boss, Mitsuo Hitomi, the main goal is to boost thermal efficiency, thus reducing the amount of combustion energy lost to heat, while increasing the amount that’s harnessed.