Officials Update Death Toll To 66

Officials update death toll to 66

Emergency crews are still trying to rescue over a dozen people after Typhoon Hagibis devastated Japan over the weekend.

Authorities say the death toll now stands at 66.

Razer Phone Android Pie Update To Arrive Soon

Razer Phone Android Pie Update To Arrive Soon

The first Razer Phone was very well received as it was a proper gaming phone with a unique 120Hz screen. The company’s software support for this device has left a lot to be desired, though. It’s still on Android Oreo and even the security patch is a year old. The company has now said that the Razer Phone Android Pie update is going to be out soon.

It’s an update that many Razer Phone owners are looking forward to. It brings a number of new features to the device in addition to important bug fixes. Razer hasn’t provided a concrete date as yet but confirms that the Android Pie update for the Razer Phone should be out soon.

Lg V40 Thinq Android Pie Update Rolling Out On At&t

LG V40 ThinQ Android Pie Update Rolling Out On AT&T

LG V40 users on AT&T have something to be excited about today. The carrier has started rolling out the Android 9 Pie update for the device, finally. The device didn’t ship with Android Pie out of the box when it first arrived. That limitation has finally been addressed today with the release of Android Pie.

LG V40 ThinQ provides flagship-level specs with its Snapdragon 845 processor, 6GB of RAM, and triple camera system at the back. AT&T isn’t actually the first carrier to release Android Pie for the device in the United States. Verizon was the first to do it on its network last month.

Oneplus 3 And 3t Finally Get Android 9 Pie Update

OnePlus 3 And 3T Finally Get Android 9 Pie Update

It’s not common for Android devices to get more than two major OS updates. So when a device is released, it will only be supported for two major OS updates in most cases. There have been deviations from the norm in a few cases but the two year cutoff is more or less the norm in the industry. You can imagine how happy OnePlus would have made its customers when it announced that it would update the OnePlus 3 and 3T with Android 9 Pie. The company has followed through on that promise today.

The OnePlus 3 and 3T are now receiving their Android 9 Pie update today. This is the third major Android OS update for the device. The OnePlus 3 series was released by the company in 2016. It’s now rolling out Android 9 Pie for both devices.

2020 Subaru Ascent: An Update In A Minor Key

2020 Subaru Ascent: An update in a minor key

With the Subaru Ascent, Volkswagen Atlas, and Kia Telluride recently joining the field, the three-row SUV segment is as competitive as ever, so value is key to attracting buyers. For 2020, Subaru is keeping the Ascent's pricing the same but is adding a few new tricks. Albeit minor tricks, but new tricks nonetheless.

The most notable addition to the Ascent range is Rear Seat Reminder. Every 2020 Ascent will come standard with the increasingly common technology, which alerts the driver to check the rear seat for a pup, a child or both. The system operates not by sensors, but on the recognition of specific scenarios.

Android Auto Gets A Big Update, And It's Going To Be Way Better

Android Auto gets a big update, and it's going to be way better

Android Auto users are in for a treat as Google just unveiled a complete overhaul of the interface. We can safely say it looks a whole lot better than the current system, and we're excited to try it out.

To begin, there's a new launcher. Instead of the five buttons along the bottom, now there's an array of apps to choose from in a vertically scrolling interface. This looks a whole lot more like the app drawer on your actual phone, and should make choosing your desired navigation or audio app much more intuitive. The launcher looks more like Apple CarPlay, but scrolls vertically instead of sliding from page to page horizontally.

Toyota La Coupe Prototype Is Real And Really Weird (official Update)

Toyota La Coupe Prototype Is Real And Really Weird (Official Update)

We reached out to Toyota and spoke to Senior Manager Nancy Hubbell about the La Coupe. She said that it’s an internal study from the carmaker’s Japanese division with no plans for getting it on the road. “It was just a concept study and they had to get some patents on it to show it in public,” Hubbell told Carscoops. “It was designed for Japan audiences and there's no talk of putting it into production.” (Update 4/18/2019)

Update: There Are 5 Unsold Lexus Lfas Left In The U.s.

UPDATE: There are 5 unsold Lexus LFAs left in the U.S.

UPDATE (April 9, 2019): This year has been a solid year for LFA sales with three more finding homes. Interestingly, all three were sold during the month of January. By our count, that leaves five of the supercars left unsold.

UPDATE (January 3, 2019): The countdown of Lexus LFA sales continues. In the time since our last update, Lexus sold another of the supercars. That means we're down to 8 LFAs unsold in the U.S. Check out the whole story on unsold LFAs below. We'll also continue to monitor LFA sales to see if/when all are sold.

Huawei P10 And Honor 8x Receive Android 9 Pie Update

Huawei P10 And Honor 8X Receive Android 9 Pie Update

Huawei is doing more than just launching new devices, the P30 and the P30 Pro to be precise, this week. It’s also rolling out the latest firmware update for a couple of existing devices. Multiple reports have come in from users across the globe that the Huawei P10 and the Honor 8X are now receiving their Android 9 Pie update.

Huawei’s devices come with EMUI, the company own custom skin, which makes significant changes to the way Android looks on its devices. EMUI 9 is the latest version of its custom software and it’s included in the Pie update being rolled out for the Huawei P10 and the Honor 8X.

Fortnite Update Forces Xbox One And Ps4 Players To Fight Each Other

Fortnite Update Forces Xbox One And PS4 Players To Fight Each Other

The update will introduce crossplay matching between both consoles and players need to opt-in in order to play. If they don’t, then the game modes that they will be limited to will be Creative Mode and Playgrounds. According to Epic, the reason for this is, “Motivating factor is unlocking optimization potential allowing us to run more playlists during more hours of the day while supporting more data center locations. Please provide us with feedback on your experience!”

It’s actually a rather interesting approach as the debate on which console is better is still very much alive and well, and this forcing of Xbox gamers to fight against PlayStation gamers will go a long way in keeping that rivalry alive and well. It was late last year that Sony had finally allowed PS4 crossplay.