Toyota Teases Tacoma Sport Tralier Overlanding Build For Sema 2020

Toyota teases Tacoma Sport Tralier Overlanding Build for SEMA 2020

Toyota is teasing an overlanding trailer for the Tacoma called the Sport Trailer. You might notice that it bears a striking resemblance to the Tacoma itself, or at least the back half of it. Toyota has shown us one overlanding concept for SEMA already, but what if you want even more first-world amenities when you're out in the wilderness?

The Sport Trailer appears to approximately double the hauling capacity of the Tacoma, and the project managers rattle off a laundry list of mod cons the Sport Trailer affords them: propane, running hot water, toilet, stove, freezer, and more (though probably not a hot dog roller). The term "glamping" is used without shame.

Though details won't be revealed until its appearance at the virtual SEMA Show later this month, the trailer looks like it houses a folding tent that sits atop an extremely sturdy rack system. Though made from a short bed, it has a custom-fabbed triangular extension with pull-outs to store a freezer. Yes, the Sport Trailer appears to have electrical power as well, to run the cooler as you're driving. When you're parked, though, power comes from a Yamaha generator (Toyota owns a controlling stake in Yamaha).

Anyone who's been to a classic car show should be familiar with the idea of trailers fully matched, body and wheels, to the tow vehicle (not to mention the Plymouth Prowler). Usually, though, it's the result of spare parts laying around after the tow vehicle is restored by cannibalizing an identical donor. To use a brand new Tacoma bed seems a bit excessive.

Overlanding has been an increasingly popular theme at the aftermarket trade show in recent years, but the 2020 SEMA Show, called SEMA 360, is virtual this year due to the COVID pandemic. So what better time than now to have a rig that will take you far, far away from civilization? We'll know more about the Sport Trailer when it's officially revealed in two weeks.