Sales Of Wheelchair Basketball Tickets Still On

Sales of wheelchair basketball tickets still on

The organizers of the Tokyo Paralympic Games say they will sell tickets for wheelchair basketball as planned despite a warning by the International Paralympic Committee that the sport could be removed from the Tokyo Games.

The IPC issued the warning on Friday, saying that the International Wheelchair Basketball Federation has failed to comply with the IPC athlete classification code.

The IPC warned the federation that removal from the Tokyo Games is one of the options it could pursue unless the federation improves athlete classification by May 29.

Men's and women's wheelchair basketball matches are scheduled to start on August 26.

The first lottery for Paralympic tickets has been completed and results of the second lottery will be announced on February 18.

The organizing committee has received a number of applications for tickets for the wheelchair basketball events.

The committee says that since the sport has not been removed from the games yet, it will begin over-the-counter ticket sales in spring as planned.

The committee also says a lot of people are looking forward to watching the sport and it hopes the international wheelchair basketball federation will make improvements quickly.

The federation has said that it will do everything in its power to respond to the IPC warning.