Tokyo Olympic Official: Decision To Hold Can Wait

Tokyo Olympic official: Decision to hold can wait

A senior official of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic organizing committee says a final decision on whether to hold the Games or not can wait until sometime between March and June next year.

Endo Toshiaki, special representative of the committee's president, was speaking to reporters after he met Prime Minister Abe Shinzo in Tokyo on Wednesday.

Endo, a former Cabinet minister in charge of the Games, said full preparations for the events can be made in time if the decision to stage them is made within that timeframe. He said the period will also be the time when sports federations will stage competitions to select athletes for the Games.

He added the organizing committee has been making preparations on the assumption that the Games will go ahead as currently planned.

The Tokyo Games have been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Olympics are now scheduled to open on July 23 next year and the Paralympics on August 24 in the same year.

Endo handed a resolution to Abe during their meeting. It says the host nation has a responsibility to overcome virus-induced hardships and hold the Games that will go down in history.

The resolution asks the government to establish virus testing and medical systems to realize the Games in a safe and secure manner. It also requests a necessary budget.

Abe said all possible anti-infection measures must be implemented to let the Games become a testament to the world's victory over the virus.