Sony And Yamaha Announce Electric, Autonomous Sc-1 Sociable Cart

Sony and Yamaha announce electric, autonomous SC-1 Sociable Cart

Sony and Yamaha have joined forces to create a new take on the future of entertainment, and it's packaged in a windowless mobility cart. Known as the SC-1 Sociable Cart, the electric autonomous box features big-screen TVs inside and out and will launch strictly as an experiential tool rather than product consumers could buy.  The SC-1 is a direct result of the shift that has been happening throughout the entire automotive market. Automakers have been hard at work to produce electric vehicles that feature autonomous capabilities, and this thing has both technologies. The SC-1 stores energy with a lithium-ion battery and puts it to use with an DC electric motor. It can seat up to five passengers, and it has a top speed of a little slower than 12 mph. Under certain conditions, the SC-1 can be remote-controlled, as well.  At 123.4 inches long, the SC-1 is about 16 inches more compact than the Fiat 500. Its boxy design allows for a height of about six feet, and it's about 51 inches wide. Because it uses cameras, sensors, and LIDAR to see and read its exterior, there are absolutely no windows on the vehicle. That means there's room for screens, both inside and out. The body wears four 55-inch 4K LCD monitors, and a 49-inch 4K LCD monitor sits inside. The outside screens can play a variety of content, including advertising, while the interior screen can play a video of the exterior or stream a variety of different entertainment options. The interior is also set up to use augmented reality for an immersive experience. Upping the creep factor, the exterior cameras can scan people walking around, read their demographics, and aim specific ads at them.  Sony and Yamaha are planning to launch new services with the vehicle in Japan in fiscal 2019 in places such as golf courses, amusement parks and commercial facilities, among others. At this time, it is not planned for sale.

Nintendo Has No New First-party 3ds Games To Announce

Nintendo Has No New First-Party 3DS Games To Announce

While Nintendo has yet to officially confirm anything, the company’s latest statement certainly doesn’t seem to be doing anything to quell the rumors. In a statement made to Kotaku, the company revealed that they do not have any new first-party 3DS titles to announce. “We have nothing new to announce regarding first-party software for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems.”

Instead, the company said, ”We can confirm that new software is coming from third-party publishers.” As we mentioned, this only seems to fuel speculation that this could be Nintendo’s way of winding things down with their 3DS console. If it is true, this was a long time coming because ever since the Switch was announced, many were wondering if it could replace Nintendo’s handhelds.

Japan To Announce New Era Name

Japan to announce new era name

It's a prelude to a new page in Japanese history. In the coming hours, the government will announce the name of a new era, which will start when the country gets a new Emperor on May 1.

Emperor Akihito is set to abdicate on April 30.
The following day will be Crown Prince Naruhito's accession. It will be the first time in two centuries an Emperor is handing over the throne to his successor. And it will end the more than three-decade-long "Heisei" era under Japan's traditional calendar.

Suga To Announce New Era Name, Abe To Comment

Suga to announce new era name, Abe to comment

The Japanese government plans to have its top spokesperson announce the name for the era of the nation's new emperor next Monday.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga is to make the announcement after Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's cabinet endorses the new era name. This will be followed by comments from Abe.

Scandal Announce Release Of First Single From Private Label

SCANDAL announce release of first single from private label

SCANDAL will release a double A-side single "Masterpiece / Mabataki" on March 27 as the first work to be released from their private label 'her.' 

"Masterpiece" is described as a positive rock tune about new beginnings and a hope for the future. The band has already performed this during last year's Zepp tour 'SCANDAL TOUR 2018: Kanshasai' and had been talked about amongst their fans. Meanwhile, "Mabataki" was written and composed by RINA (Dr, Vo), and is said to be a song opposite of "Masterpiece." 

Toyota, Panasonic Announce Big Ev Battery Joint Venture

Toyota, Panasonic announce big EV battery joint venture

TOKYO — Toyota Motor Corp and Panasonic Corp are launching a joint venture next year to make electric vehicle (EV) batteries, leveraging the heft of one of the world's largest automakers and battery makers to expand their EV push. Toyota will own 51 percent of the joint venture, and Panasonic the rest, the two companies said in a joint statement on Tuesday, confirming previous reports. The joint venture, which builds on an initial lithium-ion battery partnership struck between the two companies in late 2017, reflects the aim of the Japanese companies to become a bigger global player in the battery industry, which is vital for the development of affordable EVs. The two companies will pool part of existing battery-related equipment and engineers to the joint venture. Panasonic will also transfer its manufacturing capabilities in Japan and China for its thin, rectangular prismatic batteries. The two companies will transfer a total of 3,500 employees. Batteries produced by the joint venture will be sold to various automakers. The capital size of the venture has not been decided yet, the two companies said. While Panasonic is one of the world's biggest EV battery suppliers, it is facing rising competition from South Korean makers Samsung SDI Co and LG Chem, and CATL of China. Panasonic is currently Tesla's exclusive battery cell supplier, but Reuters reported that the U.S. EV maker has been in discussions with other companies including China's Tianjin Lishen to supply batteries for its new Shanghai car factory. Toyota and Panasonic already operate a joint venture called Prime Earth EV Energy, which manufactures batteries mainly used in gasoline hybrid vehicles. The new joint venture also shows that Toyota is expanding further into development and production of EV batteries just as many rivals have been stepping away from their development due to the heavy costs involved.

Mizuki Nana Announce 2019 Summer Tour

Mizuki Nana announce 2019 summer tour

Mizuki Nana has announced that she will be holding a nationwide tour this summer. 

Mizuki made the announcement on January 20 during her orchestra live 'NANA MIZUKI LIVE GRACE 2019 -OPUS III-' at Saitama Super Arena. She called out to her fans, "I'm happy that I can start it in the month of 7 ("nana" in Japanese)! Let's run through this summer together!"

Jal, Ana Announce Plans To Tackle Alcohol Problems

JAL, ANA announce plans to tackle alcohol problems

Japan's top airline companies have drawn up plans to prevent a repeat of alcohol-related problems involving flight crews.

Japan Airlines President Yuji Akasaka told reporters on Friday that his company will strengthen its pre-flight alcohol tests as part of an effort to systematically tackle drinking-related issues.

Maison Book Girl Announce Spring Tour & Single

Maison book girl announce spring tour & single

Maison book girl have announced that they will hold a tour as well as an event titled 'Solitude HOTEL 7F' next spring. In addition, they will release a brand new single (currently untitled) in April. 

This announcement was made on December 16 during their live 'Solitude Hotel 6F yume' at Hulic Hall Tokyo. More details on the tour and single will be revealed later, so stay tuned!

Otsuka Ai And Rip Slyme's Su Announce Divorce

Otsuka Ai and RIP SLYME's SU announce divorce

Otsuka Ai and RIP SLYME's SU have announced their divorce. 

Otsuka made the announcement on November 21 via her mobile site. On the divorce, she commented, "From happy days to unbearable days, I can't explain it in one word, but we made this decision to protect our child's lifestyle."