2019 Nissan Leaf Plus Second Drive Review | Riding The Extended Range

2019 Nissan Leaf Plus Second Drive Review | Riding the extended range

An electric vehicle has an appeal you can only understand once you've owned one. Sure, you might feel good about going green, analyzing every environmental consideration like our Alex Kierstein did recently. But there's a less noble, more immediately tangible reason to buy an EV — it really brings out one's inner cheapskate.

There is nothing sweeter than passing up the gas station where you used to throw away a $50 bill every week. Before purchasing a 2013 Nissan Leaf to serve my 35-mile daily commute, I had never imagined how satisfying it would be to whoosh past the pumps. Stuck in Seattle traffic, surrounded by gasoline-powered cars wastefully idling, my only energy loss was from the radio. There was political smugness: It felt kinda great to stick it to Big Oil. Don't have to stop, buy gas, fill up, change oil — don't have to do anything except remember to plug the car in at night.

Ghosn's Detention Extended

Ghosn's detention extended

The Tokyo District Court on Monday approved prosecutors' request to detain former Nissan Motor chairman Carlos Ghosn for a further 10 days.

He will remain in custody until January 11th.

Ghosn's Detention Extended By 10 Days

Ghosn's detention extended by 10 days

The Tokyo District Court on Monday approved prosecutors' request to detain former Nissan Motor chairman Carlos Ghosn for a further 10 days.

He will remain in custody until January 11th.

Sony Introduces Extended Life Solid State Drives For Professional Video Recorders

Sony Introduces Extended Life Solid State Drives for Professional Video RecordersSony is growing its expert media lineup with the presentation of two new G Series Professional Solid State Drives in 960GB (SV-GS96) and 480GB (SV-GS48) limits. These SSDs were intended to meet the developing requirement for dependable, outer video recording gadgets docked to camcorders or elite DSLRs. For substance makers searching for more effective, steady and adaptable hey bitrate recording in frequently capricious conditions, Sony's G Series SSDs convey ideal execution for a few mainstream proficient video recording gadgets, while offering a far longer lifetime.

Mazda Licenses Indicate Revolving Motor For Range-broadened Ev

Mazda licenses demonstrate rotating motor for range-developed EVTwo years prior, Mazda presented a captivating reach amplified electric auto called the Mazda2 RE Range-Extender. It took an electric Mazda2, and dropped in an itty-bitty 330cc turning motor. It wasn't the rotational controlled games auto we had sought after, however it appeared like an exceptional approach to keep the idiosyncratic motor perfectly healthy. Be that as it may, not long after the auto's uncover, it appeared to vanish. Presently the essential thought has reemerged with a couple of current updates in two or three US patents.

Extended Range Electric Vehicles Coming To Lexus?

Extended Range Electric Vehicles Coming to Lexus?According to the Nikkei newspaper in Japan, Toyota & Lexus could be getting extended-range electric vehicles by 2020 — from Automotive News:
The Nikkei, without citing sources, said Toyota would set up a team in early 2017 dedicated to developing electric cars that can travel more than 300km (186 miles) on a single charge.

Nissan To Launch Range-extended Note Ev In Japan?

Nissan to launch range-extended Note EV in Japan?As electrification becomes more mainstream, your average Joe is more likely to find himself behind the wheel of a battery-powered car. As more companies plan to launch affordable EVs, though, some people still prefer a quick fill-up at the pump and the freedom of range that gasoline provides to waiting for a charge or the restrictions of a still-limited charging infrastructure. Hybrids remain a viable option for reducing fuel use while still reaping the benefits of a traditionally powered car. Then there are range extended EVs, but those tend to cost a pretty penny.

Nissan Extended Services North America Crowns Its Top Dealer In The U.s.

Nissan Extended Services North America crowns its top dealer in the U.S.Today Nissan Extended Services North America (NESNA) presented its Top Performer Award to Jenkins Nissan at its location in Lakeland, Florida.
"We would like to take this opportunity to thank Jenkins Nissan and its Finance and Insurance department for its continued success with selling Security+Plus® products," said Bill Alexander, NESNA's general manager. "The additional revenue opportunity coupled with increased owner loyalty creates a winning formula for everyone involved."

Nissan Ev With Extended Range To Be Released In 2016

2015 Tokyo Motor Show : Nissan IDS autonomous EV Nissan will be the next automaker to offer an electric vehicle with a range-extender engine.
Expected to be revealed next year, Nissan will incorporate the technology into a new model rather than using the existing Leaf. Unlike traditional hybrids or plug-in hybrids, the range-extender engine has no connection to the driving wheels and is integrated strictly to act as a generator, helping increase the effective driving range of the EV.

Toyota, Psa Partnership Extended With New European Van

Toyota, PSA partnership extended with new European vanToyota and PSA Peugeot Citroën collaborate on a number of vehicles. One of them is a small van jointly developed by the two automakers but marketed individually under their own brands across Europe. Now they've announced the extension of that collaboration, and revealed the first image and details of their new product.