Former Pop Idol Publishes First Book In 39 Years

Former pop idol publishes first book in 39 years

A Japanese pop idol of the 1970s, Momoe Yamaguchi, has published her first book since she retired nearly four decades ago.

The former singer, who is now 60, gave up her career at the peak of her fame to marry actor Tomokazu Miura in 1980.

Abe Apologizes To Kin Of Former Leprosy Patients

Abe apologizes to kin of former leprosy patients

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has apologized to the families of former leprosy patients for the now-defunct government policy of segregating the sufferers.

Abe met more than 40 family members of the former patients of Hansen's disease at the prime minister's office on Wednesday.

Former Red Sox Pitcher Uehara Retires

Former Red Sox pitcher Uehara retires

Koji Uehara, the oldest pitcher in Japanese pro baseball and a former Major Leaguer, says he has retired from the sport.

The 44-year old made the announcement at a news conference at a hotel in Tokyo on Monday.

Former Sony Ceo Kazuo Hirai Announces Retirement

Former Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai Announces Retirement

Kazuo Hirai is a legendary figure at Japanese conglomerate Sony. The former CEO is credited with leading the company’s turnaround in recent years. Now, he has decided to take a well-earned retirement. An announcement sent out today confirmed that after 35 years of service at the company, Kazuo Hirai will now be retiring.

Hirai took the CEO job in 2012 as he replaced Sir Howard Stringer and set about implementing a turnaround strategy that saw the company become a profitable business once again. Hirai previously led Sony’s PlayStation business and that also played a significant part in returning the company to profitability.

Former Abductee Calls On Japan To Be Steadfast

Former abductee calls on Japan to be steadfast

A repatriated abductee has stressed that Japan must strictly maintain its stance of not providing economic assistance to North Korea unless the abduction issue is resolved.

Kaoru Hasuike returned to Japan 17 years ago. He was one of the Japanese nationals abducted by North Korean agents.

Former Aide Denies Abe's Instruction

Former aide denies Abe's instruction

A former secretary to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says Abe did not instruct him to convey concerns to the labor ministry about a key monthly survey.

Motoya Nakae testified as an unsworn witness at a Lower House Budget Committee meeting on Monday.

Former Akb48's Takajo Aki Marries Pro Soccer Player Takahashi Yuji

Former AKB48's Takajo Aki marries pro soccer player Takahashi Yuji

It's been reported that former AKB48 member Takajo Aki (27) and Takahashi Yuji (25) professional soccer player for Sagan Tosu, tied the knot on February 15. 

On her SNS account, Takajo commented, "Please excuse me for this personal matter, but today, I have registered my marriage with Sagan Tosu's Takahashi Yuji-san. By supporting each other as husband and wife, I hope to build a cheerful and peaceful family. I am still very immature, but please continue to support me." Takahashi wrote a similar message on his SNS account. 

Former Islanders In Petition Drive In Hokkaido

Former islanders in petition drive in Hokkaido

Former residents of four Russian-held islands known in Japan as the Northern Territories organized a petition drive in Hokkaido for the return of the islands.

A group of about 20 former islanders and their descendants held the event at the Sapporo Snow Festival on Thursday, Northern Territories Day in Japan.

Former Care Worker Arrested For Injuring Resident

Former care worker arrested for injuring resident

Police have arrested a former care worker at a nursing home in Gifu Prefecture, central Japan, on suspicion of injuring a resident there two years ago.

The victim is one of five residents of the facility in Takayama City who died or were severely injured in July or August of 2017.

Former Akb48's Sato Amina Announces Marriage

Former AKB48's Sato Amina announces marriage

Former AKB48 member and voice actress Sato Amina (28) has announced her marriage. 

On Twitter, she wrote, "Please allow me to use this opportunity to make an announcement to my fans. It's a personal matter, but I, Sato Amina, have registered my marriage with a non-celebrity man." She continued, "I will brace myself and delve into my work, so please continue to support Sato Amina!"

Former Nmb48's Terui Honoka Gives Birth To First Child

Former NMB48's Terui Honoka gives birth to first child

It's been reported that former NMB48 member Terui Honoka gave birth to her first child on January 17th. 

Terui was a fourth generation member of NMB48 and was active from 2012 to 2015. Last July, she announced that she was four months pregnant, and on January 18th, she revealed on Instagram, "A healthy 3,100 gram (6 lb 13 oz) baby boy was born."

Former Residents Express Hope For Islands' Return

Former residents express hope for islands' return

Former Japanese residents of four Russian-held islands claimed by Japan have expressed their hope for the return of the islands.

They spoke to NHK ahead of the summit between Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday evening.

Former Nmb48's Suto Ririka To Retire From Showbiz At The End Of The Month

Former NMB48's Suto Ririka to retire from showbiz at the end of the month

Former NMB48's Suto Ririka has announced that she will be retiring from showbiz at the end of the month. 

Suto had been continuing her entertainment activities while aiming to become a philosopher. According to a person affiliated with her agency, she had asked to retire last spring, and since then, there had been many discussions about her future path. Finally, it was decided that she would be retiring according to her will. Although there are programs scheduled to air in February that she's already done recording for, her activities will officially end this month.