April Foreign Visitors To Japan Hit Monthly Record

April foreign visitors to Japan hit monthly record

The number of foreign visitors to Japan hit a monthly record in April. But year-on-year growth was moderate.

The Japan National Tourism Organization estimates that more than 2.92 million travelers came to the country last month. That's up 0.9 percent from a year earlier.

Torrential Rains And Strong Winds Hit Japan

Torrential rains and strong winds hit Japan

Umbrellas have proven to be futile in Japan -- as a fierce band of wet weather pounds the country's Pacific side.

Heavy rain and wind is continuing in and around Tokyo, and other regions north and south of the capital.

Kagoshima Governor Visits Rain-hit Yakushima

Kagoshima governor visits rain-hit Yakushima

The governor of Japan's southern prefecture of Kagoshima has visited Yakushima Island, two days after the UNESCO World Heritage site was hit by record rainfall.

What is described as the heaviest rain in 50 years caused mudslides and other damage on Saturday, leaving more than 300 hikers stranded on a mountain. By Sunday evening, 314 people had descended safely.

Children Down By 30% In 2011 Quake-hit Areas

Children down by 30% in 2011 quake-hit areas

An NHK survey shows that the number of schoolchildren in areas hard-hit by the 2011 major earthquake and tsunami in Miyagi Prefecture, northeastern Japan, has declined by 30 percent.

Eight years and two months have passed since the March 11th disaster.

Tsunami-hit Daycare To Reopen In Miyagi

Tsunami-hit daycare to reopen in Miyagi

People in Miyagi Prefecture, northeastern Japan are celebrating the re-opening of a daycare center for children that was destroyed by the 2011 tsunami.

On Sunday, former and current staff members, and local residents attended a ceremony to mark the finish of the new facility's construction in the Yuriage district of the coastal city of Natori.

Anti-stalking Orders Hit Record High In 2018

Anti-stalking orders hit record high in 2018

Japan's public safety authorities issued over 1,000 orders against acts of stalking last year, a record high.

The National Police Agency says there were 21,556 consultations and reports of stalking in 2018. That is 1,523 fewer than in 2017, but above the 20,000 mark for the sixth straight year.

Railway Opens In Tsunami-hit Coastal Area

Railway opens in tsunami-hit coastal area

A coastal railway line running through a disaster-hit area of northeastern Japan has opened for business.

Miyako and Kamaishi stations on the Rias Line in Iwate Prefecture connect the northern and southern segments of the line, completing a network that stretches 163 kilometers.

Scandal-hit Joc Chief To Resign

Scandal-hit JOC chief to resign

The president of the Japanese Olympic Committee will likely announce on Tuesday his intention to resign when his current term expires in June.

Sources told NHK that Tsunekazu Takeda is expected to make the announcement at a JOC board meeting.

Child Abuse Cases Hit Record High In Japan

Child abuse cases hit record high in Japan

Cases of child abuse and the number of abused children both hit record highs in Japan last year.

The National Police Agency says there were 1,380 cases of child abuse nationwide last year involving arrests or questioning. The number of victims under 18 totaled 1,394.

High-speed Ferry May Have Hit Whale

High-speed ferry may have hit whale

The Japan Coast Guard suspects a jetfoil ferry boat collided with a whale. A crewmember claims to have spotted a large, white object in the water moments before impact.

The collision occurred on Saturday afternoon while the vessel was travelling from Niigata port to Sado Island. Eighty people were injured, 13 seriously.

Tsunami-hit School Buildings Open As Memorial

Tsunami-hit school buildings open as memorial

Buildings of a high school in northeastern Japan that were heavily damaged in the 2011 tsunami have opened to the public as a memorial to the disaster.

About 60 people, including city officials, took part in a ceremony in the city of Kesennuma on Sunday. They observed a moment of silence for the victims of the disaster.

Households On Welfare Hit Record In Fy2017

Households on welfare hit record in FY2017

Japan's welfare ministry says the number of households receiving assistance hit a record high in the fiscal year ending in March 2018.

The ministry puts the monthly average number of households on welfare for fiscal 2017 at 1,640,854. That's up about 3,800 from the figure for the previous fiscal year.

Foreign Visitors Hit Record 31 Million; Dropped Bundles Of Cash

Foreign visitors hit record 31 million; dropped bundles of cash

With the number of visitors to Japan and related spending at record highs, tourism authorities hope to keep the good times rolling by zeroing in on those from high-spending countries.

A whopping 31.192 million people came to Japan last year and spent a total of 4.5 trillion yen ($41.3 billion), according to preliminary data from the tourism ministry and the Japan Tourism Agency (JTA).