Extremely Heavy Rain Expected To Hit Kyushu

Extremely heavy rain expected to hit Kyushu

Weather officials in Japan are forecasting extremely heavy rain in the southwestern main island of Kyushu. They are warning people in the region to stay on the alert for rain-triggered disasters and to take precautions to ensure their own safety.

The Meteorological Agency says rain clouds are developing as a seasonal rain front hovers over the region and warm, humid air flows in. Parts of southern Kyushu have had more than 800 millimeters of rain since last week. Weather officials have issued warnings of mudslides for Kagoshima Prefecture.

Heavy Rain Continues To Hit Southern Kyushu

Heavy rain continues to hit southern Kyushu

Intermittent torrential rain continues to hit the southern part of Japan's Kyushu Island. The precipitation has reached record levels in some places.

The Meteorological Agency says more than 350 millimeters of rain fell in Satsumasendai City in Kagoshima Prefecture over a 24-hour period. The amount exceeds the average monthly rainfall for July, and is a regional record for the month.

Foreign Visitors To Japan Hit Record For May

Foreign visitors to Japan hit record for May

The number of foreign visitors to Japan in May marked a record high for the month. Tourism officials attribute the increase to more travelers from mainland China due to the easing of visa requirements.

The Japan National Tourism Organization estimates that more than 2.77 million travelers came to the country last month. That's up 3.7 percent from a year earlier.

Continued Caution Advised For Quake-hit Areas

Continued caution advised for quake-hit areas

Weather officials are calling for continued caution against landslides in two Japanese prefectures hit by Tuesday's powerful earthquake.

They say the ground in parts of Niigata and Yamagata prefectures may have loosened due to the tremor and rain since Wednesday morning.

Landslide Warnings Issued In Quake-hit Areas

Landslide warnings issued in quake-hit areas

Weather officials are warning residents in areas hit by Tuesday night's powerful earthquake to remain alert for possible landslides, as it is raining in the region.

The rain started early on Wednesday in Niigata and Yamagata prefectures along the Sea of Japan.

Watch Honda Mean Mower V2 Hit 100 Mph In 6.29 Seconds, Top Out At 150 Mph

Watch Honda Mean Mower V2 hit 100 mph in 6.29 seconds, top out at 150 mph

There is no stopping Honda and its extreme lawn mower division. Well, maybe it's not a whole division, but it did take a bit of work to accomplish this latest feat. The Honda Mean Mower V2 is now the official Guinness World Record holder for the fastest lawn mower to 100 mph. Honda managed to scoot to the century mark in just 6.29 seconds, which is beyond scary fast for a lawn mower.

Despite technically being able to cut grass, there isn't much about this vehicle that is lawn mower-like. Jess Hawkins (stunt driver and racer) piloted the machine to the record time, and she also managed to hit a top speed of 150.99 mph. It uses the 999cc four-cylinder engine out of the Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade SP motorcycle and only weighs 309 pounds. At that minimal weight and 200 horsepower, it's obvious why this thing rips. For some perspective, that power to weight ratio is better than the Bugatti Chiron.

Over 2,000 Hit By Heatstroke Nationwide

Over 2,000 hit by heatstroke nationwide

More than 2,000 people across Japan were taken to hospital for heatstroke last week. The number was four times higher than the week earlier.

The Fire and Disaster Management Agency revealed that there were 2,053 heatstroke patients in the week to May 26.

Over 100 Hit By Heatstroke In Tokyo Over Weekend

Over 100 hit by heatstroke in Tokyo over weekend

The Tokyo Fire Department says 107 people were taken to hospitals in the Japanese capital over the weekend due to possible heatstroke.

Central Tokyo saw the mercury top 30 degrees Celsius on Saturday and Sunday as an unseasonal heat wave hit the country.

Record-high Temperatures Hit Hokkaido

Record-high temperatures hit Hokkaido

Sweltering heat hit Japan on Sunday. The temperature shot up to over 37 degrees Celsius in the northernmost prefecture of Hokkaido.

The Meteorological Agency says the temperatures were already high in the morning due to hot air and strong sunshine.

April Foreign Visitors To Japan Hit Monthly Record

April foreign visitors to Japan hit monthly record

The number of foreign visitors to Japan hit a monthly record in April. But year-on-year growth was moderate.

The Japan National Tourism Organization estimates that more than 2.92 million travelers came to the country last month. That's up 0.9 percent from a year earlier.

Torrential Rains And Strong Winds Hit Japan

Torrential rains and strong winds hit Japan

Umbrellas have proven to be futile in Japan -- as a fierce band of wet weather pounds the country's Pacific side.

Heavy rain and wind is continuing in and around Tokyo, and other regions north and south of the capital.

Kagoshima Governor Visits Rain-hit Yakushima

Kagoshima governor visits rain-hit Yakushima

The governor of Japan's southern prefecture of Kagoshima has visited Yakushima Island, two days after the UNESCO World Heritage site was hit by record rainfall.

What is described as the heaviest rain in 50 years caused mudslides and other damage on Saturday, leaving more than 300 hikers stranded on a mountain. By Sunday evening, 314 people had descended safely.

Children Down By 30% In 2011 Quake-hit Areas

Children down by 30% in 2011 quake-hit areas

An NHK survey shows that the number of schoolchildren in areas hard-hit by the 2011 major earthquake and tsunami in Miyagi Prefecture, northeastern Japan, has declined by 30 percent.

Eight years and two months have passed since the March 11th disaster.