Ldp's Seko Took Money From Moriyama-linked Firm

LDP's Seko took money from Moriyama-linked firm

A senior Japanese lawmaker has been found to have received about 56,000 dollars from a company linked to a former deputy town mayor who gave millions of dollars in gifts to Kansai Electric Power Company executives.

Eiji Moriyama served as deputy mayor of Takahama Town in Fukui Prefecture, which hosts a nuclear plant run by KEPCO. Moriyama gave cash and gifts worth about 3 million dollars to executives of the utility. He died this year.

Kepco Execs Also Accepted Money From Contractors

KEPCO execs also accepted money from contractors

Kansai Electric Power Company has admitted that three of its executives accepted cash and gifts from contractors as well as the former deputy mayor of a town that hosts one of its nuclear power plants.

Receiving cash and gifts directly from companies that won contracts from the utility deepens the kickback allegations.

Kepco Chairman Received Gifts And Money Earlier

KEPCO chairman received gifts and money earlier

It has been learned that the chairman of Kansai Electric Power Company received money and gifts earlier than the date provided at a news conference on Friday.

Then, KEPCO President Shigeki Iwane told reporters that 20 employees received the money and gifts from Eiji Moriyama, former deputy mayor of the town of Takahama. He named himself and Chairman Makoto Yagi as being among the recipients.

Kansai Electric Money Scandal Rumbles On

Kansai Electric money scandal rumbles on

A money scandal involving top executives at Kansai Electric Power may have been going on for longer than reported.

The power utility said last week that company officials had received 3 million dollars in inappropriate cash and gifts from a public official. The payments were uncovered in a tax investigation.

Kepco Execs Receive Money From Fmr. Local Official

KEPCO execs receive money from fmr. local official

Kansai Electric Power Company has disclosed that 20 employees including top executives received money and items worth about 320 million yen, or about 3 million dollars, from a former town official. The town hosts one of the firm's nuclear power plants.

KEPCO President Shigeki Iwane spoke at a news conference on Friday.

Sources: Email Shows Money Flow To Ghosn

Sources: Email shows money flow to Ghosn

Sources say Tokyo prosecutors have obtained email correspondence showing how part of the funds Nissan paid to a dealership in Oman were allegedly channeled to former chairman Carlos Ghosn.

Prosecutors arrested Ghosn for the fourth time on Thursday on suspicion of aggravated breach of trust.

Honda Hr-v Sport Launched In The Uk, Costs Cr-v Money

Honda HR-V Sport Launched In The UK, Costs CR-V Money

The new Honda HR-V Sport will arrive in UK showrooms this April with a rather hefty price tag. The base model, which has a six-speed manual gearbox, costs at least £27,595 ($36,013/€31,770), whereas the CVT-equipped version can be had from £28,845 ($37,644/€33,209).

Ghosn May Have Kept Money Intended For Other Execs

Ghosn may have kept money intended for other execs

NHK has learned that Nissan Motor used to pay to its executives nearly 9 million dollars less than the amount approved at its annual shareholders' meeting. Tokyo prosecutors suspect part of the amount may have gone to Chairman Carlos Ghosn.

Ghosn was arrested on Monday on suspicion of underreporting his income by about 44 million dollars over the 5-year period up until March 2015. Another Nissan executive, Greg Kelly, was also arrested.

Honjo 'plans To Donate' Nobel Prize Money

Honjo 'plans to donate' Nobel prize money

The Japanese co-winner of this year's Nobel Prize for medicine reportedly plans to donate the prize money to his university to support young researchers.

Tasuku Honjo, a distinguished professor at Kyoto University, was named the co-winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine on Monday. He was recognized for his work on using the immune system to fight cancer.