Assassin's Creed 3 Remastered Arrives For Ps4 And Xbox One In March

Assassin's Creed 3 Remastered Arrives For PS4 And Xbox One In March

Assassin’s Creed 3 Remastered is not a “new” title. Ubisoft had originally announced it as part of the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Season Pass. However, the company has now decided to offer it as a standalone title. Assassin’s Creed 3 Remastered will be available for purchase on its own for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One next month.

Ubisoft has also released a comparison trailer so that fans of the title can see what’s different in this version. Assassin’s Creed 3 Remastered comes with 4K and HDR support in addition to “higher resolution textures, a new graphics engine and several other graphical enhancements.” It also gets improvements for gameplay mechanics and ergonomics.

One Ok Rock Reveal Pv For 'kingdom' Theme Song

ONE OK ROCK reveal PV for 'Kingdom' theme song

ONE OK ROCK have revealed the PV for their new song "Wasted Nights."

This is the lead track to the band's new album "Eye of the Storm" to be released on February 13 and was written as the theme song for the movie 'Kingdom.' In the PV, you can see the band performing in a storm.

Check Out The Teaser For Kohh And One Ok Rock Taka's Collaboration Song

Check out the teaser for KOHH and ONE OK ROCK Taka's collaboration song

A teaser video for KOHH and Taka's (ONE OK ROCK) collaboration song "I Want a Billion" has been revealed through 360Channel. 

"I Want a Billion" is included in KOHH's latest album "Untitled", which was released on February 1. The full PV will be uploaded onto 360Channel on February 8. In the meantime, you can check out the teaser here. 

One Ok Rock Pen Theme Song For Movie 'kingdom'

ONE OK ROCK pen theme song for movie 'Kingdom'

ONE OK ROCK's new song "Wasted Nights" will be used as the theme song for movie 'Kingdom', which will open in theaters on April 19. 

'Kingdom' is a live-action adaptation based on a manga series by Hara Yasuhisa. Set during the Warring States Period, it tells the story of an orphan named Xin, who aims to become the greatest general of the country. It's directed by Sato Shinsuke, and Yamazaki Kento will play the role of Xin. 

Androp To Kick Off One-man Tour In May

androp to kick off one-man tour in May

androp will kick off their one-man tour 'one-man live tour 2019: daily' in May. 

This tour will be held to coincide with the release of their latest album "daily." There will be a total of six shows starting on May 15th in Tokyo and ending on June 22 in Tokyo. 

Xbox One Reportedly Sold Half As Many Consoles As Ps4

Xbox One Reportedly Sold Half As Many Consoles As PS4

When it comes to announcing and sharing details about console sales, Sony and Nintendo aren’t too share to reveal those figures. Microsoft on the other hand has been somewhat mum on that for their own reasons, but it seems that there could be a reason why, and that is because the console might not be selling as well as the competition which could make Microsoft look bad.

According to video game industry analyst Daniel Ahmad who works at Niko Partners, he claims that the global install base for the Xbox One is sitting at 41 million to date. That is an impressive figure, but when you consider that the PS4 has sold 91.6 million units to date, then it starts looking a lot less impressive than before.

Dish// To Hold First Overseas One-man Live In Shanghai

DISH// to hold first overseas one-man live in Shanghai

DISH// will hold their first overseas one-man live on February 15 in Shanghai. 

The live will be a part of an event for promoting youth exchange between China and Japan. It will be held at the Bandai Namco Shanghai Culture Center. Fans can look forward to what kind of performance the band will carry out at their first one-man live overseas. 

One Ok Rock Unveil Live Footage For 'stand Out Fit In'

ONE OK ROCK unveil live footage for 'Stand Out Fit In'

ONE OK ROCK have unveiled live footage of their new song "Stand Out Fit In." 

This song can be found in the band's new album "Eye of the Storm" scheduled to be released on February 13. They performed it at their orchestra live 'ONE OK ROCK with Orchestra Japan Tour 2018' held last October at Saitama Super Arena and Osaka-jo Hall.  

Mizuhara Kiko Denies She's In A Relationship With One Direction's Harry Styles

Mizuhara Kiko denies she's in a relationship with One Direction's Harry Styles

On January 14, model/actress Mizuhara Kiko (28) updated her Twitter account and denied reports stating that she's in a relationship with One Direction's Harry Styles (24). 

She wrote, "There are reports saying that I am dating Harry Styles, but I am not. I have never met him." She called out to her fans, "Everyone, this world is full of fake news. Please be careful of the media!"